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urban jungle bloggers, plants & flowers

I always enjoy joining in on Urban Jungle Bloggers but I have to say, the October theme of Plants and Flowers was kind of irresistible. I’m sure that a lot of you will agree with me and this will be the biggest one yet. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

urban jungle bloggers, plants & flowers.

It’s the springtime in New Zealand so I had an abundance of reasonably priced blooms to choose from at the market, along with some greens and jasmine picked from the garden. I looked further and found a few neglected succulents that have survived for months at the side of the house on a terracotta dish. In perfect timing they have fluorescent pink flower shoots with bright yellow tips. Amazing aren’t they? They are actually quite stuck to the dish and I wonder how long I can keep them like that before I have to plant them. To me they’re more beautiful like that than in any pot, perhaps because it was so unintentional.

urban jungle bloggers, plants & flowers:

If only you could smell the jonquils and jasmine in these photos, there was no need for scented candles in my home this week.  I actually suffered from a bit of hay fever but thought that it was worth putting up with to be surrounded by so many pretty blooms.

urban jungle bloggers, plants & flowers;

urban jungle bloggers, plants & flowers-

I thought that the green vintage meat safe would be the perfect prop to house it all. When I was putting it together, I secretly imagined myself owning a garden store full of plants, flowers and wares. There’s a thought!

urban jungle bloggers, plants & flowers--

Happy weekend everyone. Guillaume and I have all of the kids sleeping at their friends home tonight so it’s party time for us!

Mel xx

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urban jungle bloggers, plants & flowers,,.

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series hosted by 2 bloggers: Igor (Happy Interior Blog) and Judith (JOELIX.com). Every month they share ideas to create an urban jungle through styling ideas, DIYs and green tips & tricks. Join in! You can find additional inspiration on their websitePinterest board and keep up-to-date via  their Facebook page.  Use #urbanjunglebloggers on twitter and instagram.


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  1. Igor

    What an incredibly beautiful styling, Mel!! But I did not expect anything less from you! And if you ever open that garden store, count me as one of your customers – even if I have to travel to New Zealand!

    Reply »

    Mel replied:

    Thank you Igor, such a lovely thing to say:) Happy weekend to you!

    Reply »

  2. Susanne

    Lovely styling! And I agree that those succulents look great on that terracotta dish.
    So nice that spring is coming to you. Here in Sweden we are mid autumn and although we had the coldest spring and summer in many years it’s still nice with fruit and flowers in the garden and to see all the great colours of the leaves.
    Wish you a great weekend! /Susanne

    Reply »

    Mel replied:

    Hi Susanne. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It’s always so fun to compare the seasons on the opposite side of the world. Autumn is such a lovely time of year and the colours are incredible. Happy weekend to you too x

    Reply »

  3. Lolly

    hi Mel

    Hope you’re having a fab relaxing Sunday with your family. We’ve just been out on a glorious walk with ours… Love the selection of plants and the informal arrangement. Really inspiring!

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