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styled canvas challenge | moodboard.

The September #StyledCanvasChallenge is about getting back to the basics of styling by creating a moodboard. It’s the best way to truly express a theme or feel before moving on to style a scene. I know that a lot of you love to create moodboards but I have to admit, it’s something that I’ve resisted. I’m not entirely sure why, but I just didn’t have the confidence to do it. Perhaps it was the fear of not creating something aesthetically beautiful. I certainly felt out of my comfort zone, but that’s how we learn right?

styled canvas challenge | moodboard,,

To guide me through it, I thought that I’d turn to whom I call, “the queen of moodboarding”, my friend, Gudy Herder of Eclectic Trends. This is something that Gudy has had a long passion for and teaches workshops on the subject around Europe. Just recently she released an online video course entitled, “How To Create A Moodboard” and knowing full well that this was going to be the subject of this challenge, I downloaded the course. It was really informative and guided me through the fundamentals  and gave me the confidence to go for it with an intent and not just something random.  Of course I didn’t need to do her course to create a moodboard, and you don’t either but I’m glad that I did. ( I want to make it clear here that Gudy has no idea that I’m writing about this today.)

styled canvas challenge | moodboard,,jpg

The outcome? I want to create more! I’m pretty sure that I will turn to moodboarding for work so that I can be more precise in what message I want to give. I also found the experience so therapeutic and I felt quite energised afterwards, in fact this has been my most favourite of the Styled Canvas Challenges to date.

Will you join me in this challenge during the month of September? I hope you do! If so, create a moodboard any which way you like. Just pick a theme and go for it! The theme that I wanted to portray for my moodboard was “calm and feminine”. Do you think that I achieved this?

It can be on a wall, on the floor, digitally, on a cardboard. There are so many ways to create a moodboard. You can sign up for some free tips from Gudy’s site and you should also go and check out her Pinterest board for many examples.

styled canvas challenge | moodboard...

styled canvas challenge | moodboard

What to do:

  • Post your moodboard on your blog and/or Instagram any time in the month of September
  • If you borrow items, credit the source
  • Please use the hashtag #styledcanvaschallenge on any social media and tag me @styledcanvas so that I can find you
  • If you write a blog post, please link to and make mention of the challenge and don’t forget to let me know so that I can:

I will:

  • Choose my favourite moodboard on a blog and Instagram to be featured on the Styled Canvas blog the following month
  • Retweet and/or tweet any blog posts
  • Pin one of your images from your blog post to the #styledcanvaschallenge Pinterest board and
  • Link your blogpost at the end of my post so others can find you.

Most of all, have fun styling your moodboard!

Mel xx

P.S. Please help me by spreading the word and always using the hashtag #styledcanvaschallenge :)

Thank you to the following blogs for joining in:

The Coastal Creative

Eclectic Trends

styled canvas challenge | moodboard,

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  1. gudy herder

    L O V E it. Thanks Mel, I knew there was recently some sales in New Zealand but I had no idea you purchased the course, really flattered. Thank you so much. I am currently traveling until mid September but will join in for sure!! The one you are publishing is so lovely!! Big, big hug!! G, xx

    Reply »

    Mel replied:

    Surprise! I’ve been meaning to do your course from the moment it went live. So funny how I resisted such a creative expression. I’m totally hooked now Gudy. Early days but you helped so much and will keep revisiting it. x

    Reply »

  2. Jocelyn Hefner

    Oh Mel, I just love this post. I can’t put my finger on what it is because there are so many lovely feelings within your words and expressions. Gudy has been such an inspiration to me as well as you. You both exude love and your appreciation for the process of design and life is admirable. Personally, I am intimidated by moodboards because I wasn’t sure where to get the items. I will try this challenge and please know you are such an inspiring woman! Much love and a HUGE hug! Jocelyn xx

    Reply »

    Mel replied:

    You’re so sweet Jocelyn. It’s crazy that we were both so intimated by a moodboard isn’t it? Gudy takes you through various things you can use along with balance but it’s really open to interpretation. I really hope you go with it and I’m sure you’ll have the most inspiring theme. Big hugs to you Jocelyn! M xx

    Reply »

  3. Kim

    Hi Mel, what a great post! I had not heard of Gudy Herder until now, so thank you for sharing and I really enjoyed watching her video clip on creating mood boards. This has made me look at mood boards in a new way – and I’d love to do her course. I’ll try to join in this month’s challenge!
    Kim x

    Reply »

    Mel replied:

    I’m so happy to introduce you to Gudy. She’s great and you should also check her blog out, very interesting. Can’t wait to see your moodboard:)

    Reply »

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