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#styledcanvaschallenge | Vintage today

Are you ready? This month’s Styled Canvas Challenge is, “vintage today”. How do you see the use of vintage in the modern world?

**Extended to the month of August due to moving house**

Before I begin, I have to say that I had some really lovely entries for last month’s “breakfast in bed” theme on various blogs and around Instagram. As the theme officially closed yesterday, I’ll take the next week to go over them and feature my favourite in both categories here on the 15th of this month. Thank you to everyone that took part, it’s going to be tough to choose!

The challenge did take a while to get started. I guess most things do, but from the feedback I received, it was the rules that I initially put in place to borrow three items for the challenge, that prevented a lot of people from taking part. I admit that this was a big call and a lot of you were not in the position to do this. So if you haven’t heard, the rules have now been relaxed and you can use 100% of your own things or borrow. It’s up to you! I do encourage you to out source if you can, it really does make it a lot more fun to work with new and different things! For this month, I used my own stuff (which wasn’t as easy) and I’ll take each challenge as they come whether I’ll borrow or not.

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It’s no secret that I love vintage things so I thought I’d set that as this month’s challenge. Show us how you use vintage today? Do you have any vintage furniture? Plates? Cutlery? Books? How do you or would you like to use them? The styling is absolutely free for your interpretation, so go for it!

For my scene, I’m using an old meat cooler that we found on the side of the road in Sydney years ago. The first thing that got our attention and loved was the worn green paint, along with the netted side for the original purpose to “air cool” the meat. It was falling apart completely. So Guillaume put it back together, and hinged some of the wood as a cover for where a missing drawer was. It has a bit of a distressed look, but we like it like that, especially when it’s coupled with something contemporary like the Nesso table lamp, also known as the mushroom lamp.

The cabinet has been used for many different purposes over the years. As a sound system and TV unit, where we’d hide the DVD and sound system in the cupboard, in the kitchen as an extra bench and storage and now as a place to store extra books and magazines in our bedroom. I set it up today, as a little area to chill out and explore our book collection.

I can’t wait to see your “Vintage today” scene!

What to do:

  • Post any time in the month of July
  • If you borrow items, credit the source
  • Please use the hashtag #styledcanvaschallenge on any social media and tag me @styledcanvas so that I can find you
  • If you write a blog post, please link to styledcanvas.com and make mention of the challenge and don’t forget to let me know so that I can:

I will:

  • Choose my favourite styled space on a blog and Instagram to be featured on the Styled Canvas blog the following month
  • Retweet and/or tweet any blog posts
  • Pin one of your images from your blog post to the #styledcanvaschallenge Pinterest board and
  • Link your blogpost at the end of my post so others can find you.

Most of all, have fun styling!

Mel xx

P.S. Please help me by spreading the word:)

Lovely blogs that have joined in the fun:

Jackcyn Redesign | The Coastal Creative

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  1. Audrey

    Def going to do this one Mel! Sorry I started styling my bedroom for the month of June and was so unhappy with the pictures, I couldn’t bear to post haha!

    Reply »

    Mel replied:

    Oh Audrey! No worries, I understand, I’ve been there many times (and almost with this one). It’s so funny that some days it’s a breeze and others a struggle. So look forward to it and I know that you have many beautiful examples. xx

    Reply »

  2. Anya J

    Hey Mel, I am totally on with this one, my bedroom is also a non photogenic one, so I spared you the details. Look forward to participation here though. Hope you are well, here it’s finally hot – really hot yay (sorry it’s the northern hemisphere talking – it has been an average of 16 degrees since May, so we are all basking in the sunshine :))

    Reply »

    Mel replied:

    Oh yay, so happy that you’ll join in on this one. Enjoy the warmth, it’s freezing on this side of the world. Back home in Sydney to visit friends and family and I can never remember it being this cold here. x

    Reply »

  3. Lolly

    Hi Mel

    I absolutely love the lamp! planning to have take up the challenge again. Lots of fun. x

    Reply »

    Mel replied:

    Thanks Lolly! Did you do it on your blog (you haven’t left a url if you did) or instagram?

    Reply »

    Lolly replied:

    Hi Mel, I’m planning to do the challenge this weekend. I’ve loved seeing your favourites, so much talent. It’s funny I spend so much time styling at home unaware. Yet when it’s for a specific reason, it seems so much harder. Think I may try some options in the hope that I’m happy with one! Enjoy the weekend x

    Reply »

    Mel replied:

    Hi Lolly! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. It’s so true, as soon as I feel it’s intentional, I feel the pressure that’s why I find it good practice for me. It rarely happens the first go and shuffle things around and omit things. Have fun with it Lolly! Mel x

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