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Ta dah! The #styledcanvaschallenge has officially begun and I can’t wait to see all of your “breakfast in bed” scenes that you’ve styled over the internet.

In case you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about… I’m calling all budding stylists, Instagramers, bloggers and creatives to take part in a monthly styling challenge on their blog and/or Instagram. You can have fun honing your skills! Each mid month I will announce a theme for you to style the following month. There are some rules to keep it fresh though, so make sure you pop over to this post to read about it and see what it means for you.

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So here’s my scene. I knew immediately what I wanted to borrow as soon as I set the breakfast in bed theme; a linen duvet set from Father Rabbit and the Flos Tab T lamp from ECC Lighting!

My two duvet sets at home are really tired and one especially is in desperate need of replacing. A lot of you might know that I’ve got a thing for linen sheets thanks to my mother in law in France introducing them to me years ago, and I’ve had my eye on the 100% linen duvet set in dove grey for ages. It’s so lovely and soft and has these sweet ties at the bottom of the duvet which gives that casual, lived in feel. Seeing and feeling it on my bed makes it even more tempting to go out and buy. I’ll definitely be saving my pennies for this set. To add more texture, I borrowed a Fog Linen wash waffle linen blanket. It’s lovely and lightweight and would also be a great to have on hand around the sofa.

#styledcanvaschallenge breakfast in bed 3

My other little love that I have, is for lamps. I personally believe that you can’t have enough of them, they’re decorative and lighting or lack of good ambient lighting can make or break a room. This Tab T by Flos has long been on my wish list. I always thought that you couldn’t move it around but having it here to play around with made me realize how it’s actually quite flexible depending on your set up. It’s a gorgeous looking lamp with a strong structure that works perfectly as a bedside lamp or ambient table lamp anywhere in the home. Want is not a strong enough word here!

The hardest part of the styling challenge? Giving these beautiful borrowed items back!

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Keep checking back here for links at the bottom to other styled breakfast in bed scenes and next month I’ll showcase my favourite here on the blog. I hope you join in on the fun, you’ve got until the end of June to do this theme and don’t forget to link to me on social media @styledcanvas and with the hashtag #styledcanvaschallenge so that I can find you and share.

Happy styling!

Mel xx

P.S. A little early birthday present for me is this Heath Ceramics bud vase that Everyday Needs is selling with a Markantonia dried flower arrangement. You may recall a post I did on her flowers. Antonia’s work is just magnificent and I thought it would be just perfect in this setting.

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Look for the #styledcanvaschallenge hashtag on Instagram and check in here for blogpost participants as they come in:

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#styledcanvaschallenge breakfast in bed

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  1. Hailey~FurnishMyWay

    What an inspired monthly challenge! I love that. Speaking of things I love, that tea kettle and wooden tray are to die for. Those are items I need to add to my list!

    Reply »

    Mel replied:

    Hi Hailey – thank you! Yes that teapot (tea kettle by menu) gets a workout in my house. Hope you join in on the fun:) Mel x

    Reply »

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