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blues and neutrals

I tend to not have a particular colour palate in my home, if I like something I find a place for it where I think it would work; there are no real rules. A friend of mine however has always stuck to neutrals but it’s been pretty much out of fear of getting it wrong.  She’d like to bring some more colour into her home without anything over the top so I suggested introducing one more dominant colour into the home and inturn others will naturally follow. Blue was my first recommendation because I think it works well with neutrals and it also happens to be a colour she loves.

I couldn’t use any of the furniture that she has in her living room for the example however I’ve used a similar style for the sideboard and her round coffee table. At the moment she has a small modular lounge in beige that is looking rather tired so I’m suggesting that when she updates, she opt for a shade of blue for the new one to help tie in the look and because the living room is quite small and she lives alone, I think it would be best to move away from the modular along with keeping the room rather minimalist. On top of this look, an occasional chair could be brought in for when she has guests.

It was actually a fun little exercise for me to do but I’d love to have your thoughts. If you had to bring in one main colour to a mainly neutral room, what would it be?

Blowing each one of you a Valentines kiss from me to you! Have a great weekend everyone.

Mel xx

Muuto Reflect Sideboard | Douglas & Bec All Oak Turned Lamp for Kate Sylvester

Hay Brass Clip ClipKokako Art Print by Holly RoachGubi Chaise longue  | Ferm Fusion Triangle Cushion

Douglas & Bec Cross Brass Coffee Table for Kate Sylvester | Heath Ceramics Bud Vase

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  1. Michelle

    Great advice for your friend, and blue is a lovely choice. I agree with the modular -we’re doing away with ours in our downstairs living as it’s too overpowering for the small space. Love your product choices too. You’re such a natural at this – all your friends will be lining up for help! x

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    mel replied:

    Ha ha, thanks Michelle. Well most of them are pretty much sorted with their homes… it was fun to do though. xx

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  2. Catherine bedson

    I’m the same as you, don’t have any particular colour palette. I love Country Road style homewares and notice they have pastel pinks and acqua in their colour range at the moment. I’d choose acqua and turquoise blue to go with the neutrals. Blowing a belated Valentine’s kiss back at ya! xx

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  3. geraldine@littlebigbell

    This is a tough one for me. I have neutral walls as a backdrop in my home but when it comes to colour and accessories, I love mixing and matching. It would take a huge amount of restraint to limit myself to one colour. Love the colour Teal at the moment. x

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