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One of the (many) things that I enjoy so much about being a blogger is this creative community that I belong to and the friends I meet along the way. Some of these people are in places that couldn’t be further away from my home in New Zealand and Kreetta, from Helsinki, Finland is one of them.

Kreetta is a professional photographer and artist in every sense. Her blog, Gretchen Gretchen is there to record her personal experiences and ideas, whether it’s putting together a meal picked from her envious garden, a trip to town or a even a DYI, what ever it may be, it’s sure to be an absolute visual treat for her readers! I really do hope that you pop over to follow her blog with me but before you do, Kreetta has a few photos of her workspace to share with us today in the My Space series. So take your time, look through the treasures of her true creative workspace. It’s divine! Thank you so much Kreeta, for sharing with us your special place in your home today, it’s a true demonstration of an artistic space… 

My home is my paradise said my neighbour and I can say the same.  A lot to say but I feel so. I’m a photographer who loves to find treasures in flea markets, auctions and old stuff/antique shops. I love vintage and handmade – you can see it at our home. With these snapshots I introduce you to my workspace that I chose to be my favorite space at home.

Over ten years ago I lived in Denmark for a while and that time totally changed my interior design style. No more simple and clean with only few colors – now different kind of curiosities, styles – I love cozy homes where you can see a little bit of history of the people who are living there. Also plants have important role at our home. But in my workspace there aren’t so many.

And because I’m a photographer I need to buy things that I can use as props in photos. My craft hobbies like ceramics, crafts and painting are totally great combination with photography. Like you can see in my photos – I collect craft materials and I make props to my photography like ceramic forks and knives as you can see in close up from my selves. I paint backgrounds – you can see a couple of them in my painting spot photo. You can also see in close up some accessories I’ve made like a bow, butterfly and bird brooches. I make things from old or used materials. I’ve been planning to open a web shop but I’m on the level of planning.

All this and plenty more you can see at my home. I have to admit that at the moment I don’t buy any crafting stuff and I’m sure you understand why. I have two shelves full of materials. I just cleaned up this workspace and it will keep its order as long as I don’t work there :) It is very small room with one window. Time to time I find me working in the living room also. But I try to keep my work in this room. I’m planning to have a bigger table next to the window because we need light when we are working, don’t we?

Readers you can follow Kreetta on her blog Gretchen Gretchen, on Facebook and Pinterest.

Have a great day everyone!

Mel x

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  1. Catherine bedson

    Ohh I love all of Kreetta’s bits and pieces. I agree with Kreetta I also love cosy homes where you can see the personality of the person living there. I’d love to dive into this treasure trove of goodies, so much warmth and character. Thank you Kreetta and Mel. xx

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    Catherine bedson replied:

    Just visited your blog Kreetta. Your photography is just stunning, they are the kind of photographs I aspire to take. Catherine x

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    Have a lovely weekend Catherine xx

    Reply »

  2. gudy Herder

    Work spaces are always the most interesting corners for me to see in a home. They are so personal, speak about creativity, chaos, love for certain things, moods and projects. Being a huge fan of Kreetta’s work, this feature her space is just wonderful.

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    mel replied:

    Thanks Gudy! Have a great weekend xx

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