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I’m ready for a bit of eye candy on the blog aren’t you?

FoodWork is an independent project by eight Norwegian designers that was shown at the Tokyo Design Tide, 2012. To me it’s a collection of beautiful and very useful everyday objects. I love how their inspiration was of merging products that are used in Norway, yet would also be relevant in Japanese living. That alone is quite an achievement considering how worlds apart their cultures seem.

There are twenty two objects in the collection and I couldn’t show them all however they are all worthy of it, each of them beautiful in design, form and use, so you really must go and check them all out.

Here is my selection:

Tokyo box collection by Cathrine Maske (above)

The beauty in coloured glass never tires me! Cathrine set out to make a food container that has a certain sculptural and decorative quality. She certainly has achieved this as it would have to be the most exquisite food container I’ve come across.

Chef by Anderssen & Voll (above)

These are small multipurpose kitchen containers made out of turned pine wood and shaped by the way a hand operates in opening and closing containers. I love the simplicity of these containers and know how handy it is to have a few of these on the bench for storing sea salt and little odds and ends like rubber bands.

Grow by Hallgeir Homstvedt (above)

A lovely object to house your kitchen herbs. It looks like the rounded base is balancing on the wood but the pot has a strong magnet which locks it into an upright position yet also allowing for free movement.

Ori by Anderssen & Voll (above)

These origami inspired grinders and salt cellar are stunning in design and are made from maple wood and Corian. They’d look fantastic on the bench or an elegant table setting.

Tuamotu by Anderssen & Voll  (below)

Compact living has never looked so stylish with this small gas cooktop make from marble and cast iron. Luxury at its best.

Dodo by Petter Skogstad (below)

These small containers are absolutely adorable! They’re for storing soy sauce and oils and they’re made from silicon so that you can squeeze out the liquid. They would look really cute sitting on a benchtop.

To view more of the collection, click here.

I won’t post anything on Friday as it’s the big move however you can follow the move and anything else that I feel like snapping on Instagram here.

Mel x

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  1. Michelle

    Oh, this is awesome!! I love kitchen products and gosh, what an amazing selection. Especially love the ‘Grow’, Ori grinders & salt cellar and wow – the marble cook top is something else! I actually bookmarked Petter Skogstad the other day to write about – loving his work! x

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