How to Eat a Whole Flat Fish

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A lot of people (including myself at one point) are intimidated by eating a whole fish.  It’s a real shame because nothing compares with the taste of it and it’s the only way that you know that what you’re eating is truly fresh.

So today, with the help of Annie, I’m demonstrating how simple it is! There’s two ways to eat a whole fish and it depends on whether it’s a flat fish or a round fish. The simple rule to know this is by the way that the fish sits on the plate once cooked; if it’s on its side then it’s a flat fish, if it sits on its belly, then it’s a round fish.

We bought some beautiful grey mullet at the Auckland fish markets thinking that it would be a round fish from the way it was sitting fresh, however, once it was cooked, it naturally rolled over on the side, so we treated it as a flat fish. Flat fish would be the most common so it’s a good start. I’ll come back at a later date with how to eat a round fish.

If this is a first for you, I hope that you find it useful and it introduces you to a new world of fish appreciation…

Annie oven baked it with some mustard and a bay leaf in its belly, tomatoes, French shallots, lemon and its zest, oil, salt and pepper.

So here it goes…

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  1. Catherine bedson

    I love cooking a whole fish but always worry that I’m going to swallow a bone. This fish looks so tasty..definitely encouraging me to give it a try! Btw if I can send you any ingredients (packet balinese spice past) to try the Nasi Goreng let me know. Happy to pop a few packets in the post. xx

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    mel replied:

    Go on Catherine, you should give it a go! Oh thanks re spice paste – i will check out the one store I know in the city that I’ll be near next week. If no luck I’d love for you too:) M x

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