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Hi everyone, I hope that you had a fantastic weekend! We’ve been really lucky with the winter weather the last few days here in Auckland. It’s continuing, so I’m making the most of it and I’m writing to you from my garden while I soak up the sunshine!

Today I’m showing you an example of how to group a straight line of frames on the wall. You also get peak into our bedroom.

We’re renting our lovely house in Auckland, so there are always limitations as to what you can do when hanging frames. Normally I would have done some sort of collage, however there were already four hooks above where the bed is. The options were; four frames of the same size in a row, which I didn’t have or a mix of different sizes.

It was really about playing around with the different frames and canvases that I had in the house, and in the end I settled for four black frames, which brings some sort of balance to this particular set up.  It’s a bit hard to see from the photo but the two outer frames are quite ornate, which adds a bit of texture to the mix.

See you on Wednesday!

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