5 Decorating Questions

5 Decorating Questions with Karine Köng

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5 decorating questions with Karine Kong - Image courtesy of and styled by Karine Köng | Photo François Köng

It’s with great pleasure today that I have Karine Köng, of the Bodie and Fou fame as my 5 Decorations Guest. Talented stylist, one half of the award winning online concept store, and lifestyle blogger, Karine certainly knows a thing or two about creating that perfect space in the home, her impeccably curated and award winning concept store is lusted over by design bloggers and interior magazines worldwide. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting the Bodie and Fou online boutique, it really should be on your list if you’re after some effortless chic. Oh and did I mention that she is French? Mais oui, of course!

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5 Decorating Questions with Will Taylor

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

If I had to pick one place on the Internet where I’d go to put a smile on my face, Bright Bazaar would definitely be high up on the list. Authored by Will Taylor, this extremely successful blog has just celebrated five years online. Always written in a friendly voice, Will shares his love of decor, fondness for baking and his (many) travel adventures. Also the talented photographer, his readers are forever spoilt with beautiful imagery.

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5 Decorating Questions with Alice Lines

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

I always enjoy putting together my 5 Decorating Questions feature. It’s interesting to see in a snapshot what it is that influences a person’s personal decorating style, especially when most of my interviewees are quite often fully immersed in the decorating world. Alice Lines certainly is, and as the Editor of the New Zealand interiors magazine, Homestyle, she would spend many waking hours observing the beautiful homes that grace the bi-monthly magazine, along with keeping her finger on the pulse of the trends to report on. With that being said, it’s such a treat to have her as a guest today answering my questions and getting a glimpse into how she incorporates all of this into her personal decorating style.

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5 Decorating Questions with Kara Rosenlund

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Photo by Jason Star, Studio Sixty

If there’s one girl out there to be named the darling of interiors right now, it would have to be Kara Rosenlund. Kara, who has been recently named by Elle Decoration UK as the “modern day Martha”, first came to the spotlight with Travelling Wares, a travelling vintage shop in a 1950’s adorably restored caravan named “Frankie”.  Then there’s her blog; moments of her life captured with her husband Timothy O and their two bantam chickens, in their renovated 1880’s workers cottage. If you’re on Pinterest, you’d probably know it well. With a background in photography and more recently a stylist with a home full of the most interesting revolving collection of wares, this blog will have you dreaming.

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5 Decorating Questions with Alex Fulton

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

Photo by Larnie Nicolson

There’s no doubt here that New Zealand Interior Designer, Alex Fulton isn’t afraid of colour. The use of a good dose of hue is also coupled with Alex’s ability to use clash to perfection, pulling off what most would be terrified to attempt. The result; a fun home that is true to her style, tells a story about who lives there and is a visual playground for the rest of us that demands respect. Her home has graced many magazines and most recently has been featured in the just released, New Zealand Interior Style written by LeeAnn Yare and photography by Larnie Nicolson. I’m so pleased to have Alex here today to answer my 5 Decorating Questions!

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5 Decorating Questions with Stephanie Somebody

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

Stephanie Somebody, photo Tara Pearce

Photo by Tara Pearce

I didn’t even have an Instagram account and I was well aware of Stephanie Somebody (aka Stamatis). This Melbourne designer and stylist has been named in this month’s Real Living Magazine as one of the design forces of today and is somewhat an Instagram sensation with over 126K followers!  All of her images have a common thread, a continuous story of beauty through the eyes of Stephanie and if you haven’t yet experienced it; I promise, like me, you’ll be hooked. I adore her very distinct styling that can be seen in the likes of Est Magazine; it’s raw and textured yet very authentic and almost always drawing on some form of nature. Today I’m thrilled to have Stephanie here to answer my 5 Decorating Questions.

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5 Decorating Questions with Claire Donaldson

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

Photo by Fran Burrows

Being new to New Zealand, I first read about Claire Donaldson of One Lovely Day over at The Design Chaser. Claire, who was born into an artistic family, tells us that when she arrived in this world; it was literally in a pot of paint.  Growing up in these creative surrounds later led her to lending her talents to styling and the opening of her company, One Lovely Day. Take a look through her work and I’m sure you’ll agree that the events that Claire pulls together are nothing short of perfection and while each of them are unique and to her customers brief, there’s still that “One Lovely Day” stamp.  She has most recently come up with a fabulous idea of acquiring a retro caravan, “One Lovely Wagon” that will be a mobile bar, available soon and perfect to hire for summer events.

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5 Decorating Questions With Jen Bishop

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict

Photo by Dave Wheeler

With great pleasure I have Jen Bishop on board today to answer my 5 Decorating Questions.  Jen, (in case you didn’t know) is founder of the very successful Australian blog, Interiors Addict, where she reports on affordable interior trends and ideas along with regular industry interviews. She also has an innate ability to resonate with her readers, me included.

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