A life changing moment

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A life changing moment,,

Hi there everyone. I’ve been silent here for quite some time but it’s not out of choice, you see I’ve had a lot going on that I needed to sort through. As a lot of you may have read on Instagram, life threw me a challenge. I have thought long and hard about whether to share my story here. It’s a scary decision because I want to protect my children from unnecessary anxiety and yet I believe strongly that I have a platform here to build a little awareness. So I ask you, if you do by chance know our children, please respect our decision to protect them and never mention this around them or their friends.

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Edible Container Garden Happiness

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Edible Garden happiness

With the warmer weather setting in, I made an impromptu trip to the garden centre yesterday to stock up on seedlings for round two of our edible container garden. Last year the entire family had great pleasure from picking our food from the deck and we couldn’t wait to get it going again. While I’d love to have a huge patch in the garden, we can’t, because we rent, but it’s quite amazing how much you can harvest from pots.

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Internet Free Sundays Revisited

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internet free sundays revisited

Some of you may recall a commitment that I made about eighteen months ago about having internet free Sundays. I did it for a while and then, well I slipped back into the smart phone oblivion of checking social media, emails and googling. A few weeks ago I subconsciously put the phone away for most of the day on Sundays, having a little sneaky peek every so often, but generally it was out of sight. I was obviously missing that break. Then last weekend, Guillaume suggested that we should make an internet free Sunday commitment together. He didn’t join me previously so I didn’t hesitate to say hell YES! I felt I needed it again, I felt we needed it as a family and our kids needed to see their parents without that iPhone in hand for a good chunk of time.

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Diary of a Little Bird Organics winter cleanse

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Diary of a Little Bird Organics winter cleanse

I’m not a winter person. I just feel… blah! I need the sunshine and light clothing on my skin. I also go from a bright healthy completion to dull. It’s not necessarily from a suntan, but probably from eating light fresh foods, drinking more water, getting out and about more and just feeling overall more vibrant. I really felt like I needed to give my body a kickstart and my friend Zoe recommended the Little Bird Organics winter cleanse to me. Guillaume was going away for five days last week so I thought I’d give it a go then, so that he didn’t have to put up with my crabbiness. I ordered the three-day pack. I thought I’d share my experience with you.

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Scheduling in some “me time”

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scheduling in some me time

I’m feeling so refreshed and focused. A little bit like I’ve come back from a holiday, only my “holiday” was simply a good dose of “me time”. It all goes back to my phone call with my coach Jaclyn last Tuesday. I had just received some inconvenient news that day (more of that another time) and I have a trillion things that I needed to get through, along with an enormous wish list of things I would like to do… She observed pretty quickly that I was feeling a rather overwhelmed and suggested that I take some time out.

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My Edible Container Garden

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edible container garden 2

I’m no green thumb. I’ve neglected many plants in my time, even the succulent variety that I chose for their hardiness. I am getting better though. I realise now that they actually need watering (sometimes daily), sun, fertiliser and some attention to keep them mostly happy. With this newfound knowledge, I’ve created an edible container garden, just outside my back door on the deck and, it makes me so happy!

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Instamoments #7 & Feeling Good Update

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I’ve been back almost two weeks from Sydney, a wonderful, crazy and emotional time back home. Every time I’m back there I realise what a special place it is and how much I miss it, my friends and family. The huge blue skies and sandy beaches and the holiday vibe of the eastern suburbs seduce me every time and I want to stay. Then weeks pass, loads of traffic, parking fines, road tolls and long distances to get anywhere and I begin to miss Auckland, the community vibe, shopping at Farro Fresh, good coffee and close proximity to everything. Will I forever be eternally unsatisfied I wonder? So, I decide to be happy with what I have now because I’m pretty damn lucky.

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Feeling Good Again

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Living room of Mel Chesneau of Armoire Pegs & Casserole

I thought I’d do a very personal post today. In case  you’re wondering, t actually has nothing to do with my home, I just thought I’d include some unpublished photos that I took for my Design*Sponge home tour.  What I’d like to share is  something that’s at the forefront of my mind at the moment; weight loss, exercise and feeling good about myself. I hesitated in writing this, but I thought some of you might actually relate to it.

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