Sustainable Home Q & A with Lisa Day

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Sustainable Home Q & A with Lisa Day5

Some of you may recall an article I did for the April/May Homestyle magazine on the sustainable build of Auckland architects, Lisa and Scott of Donnell & Day Architecure . It created a lot of interest here and on social media and it seems that quite a few of you are wanting to know more about what you could do to your home, to live more sustainably. When I spoke to Lisa about her home in preparation for the article, I was fascinated by her unwavering passion on the subject of sustainable builds and renovations. One thing that she kept on stressing to me, was that a beautiful architecturally designed home, that is also sustainable, needn’t cost the earth. Lisa also has this natural gift to explain it in everyday language. Obviously this is a huge subject and it can be looked at from many angles, so today I thought I’d focus on the structure of the home and what changes and/or additions you could do to live more sustainably. Lisa of Donnell & Day Architecture kindly answered some questions.

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Learn | Tea Pea School

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I feel like I’m a little bit of a serial learner. Whenever I hear about new courses my ears always prick up. Are you like that? Even better are courses or workshops that teach you how to do things that you’ve always wanted to do, just for the fun of it. You know the ones I’m talking about; shibori, kokedamas, cake decorating and hello – weaving!!!

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Eco Living Ideas

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Wow, I’ve been so busy catching up with everyone since arriving in Sydney on Friday, I’m feeling rather exhausted but content all the same. I had a little setback the day before we left when I realised that my son’s passport had expired! I can’t tell you the stress levels I experienced on Thursday while I was trying to find a solution on the phone to Immigration and the airline but thankfully they were so helpful and we managed to get to Australia to apply for another passport. It’s crazy and one of those things you think will never happen to you because it’s the obvious right, to check the passports when you plan to leave the country?

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An Interview with Bea Johnson, Author of Zero Waste Home

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A few months ago at a dinner party, I listened to my friends talk about a zero waste family living in The States that they read about in the French newspaper, Le Monde. This family, they told me, produces only one litre of rubbish a year! I wondered how it could be possible? The next day I googled zero waste family and found Bea Johnson’s blog and my fascination with this idea has kept leading me back to her site.

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