When admitting defeat can change your direction for the best

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It’s been a while since I’ve written a personal post here. Actually, this blog has really been neglected and there is a reason for that. Since arriving in Stockholm I’ve had this niggling feeling that something had to change in my life. I felt a little lost and like I didn’t have a purpose. Did I really want this blog to be a business? I had such big plans with it before and it was really starting to take off and I was beginning to make a small income from it along with external writing projects. Then I had the health problem before leaving NZ and everything just kind tumbled and my focus shifted. But after I had settled into my new city I kept beating myself up. Why couldn’t I get back to posting three times a week and start building it up again? Why couldn’t I be more aggressive on social media?  I told myself that I wanted to be the Garance Dore of the interior and lifestyle genre…. I told myself a lot of things, but in retrospect I felt so unaligned with it all. I felt like I wasn’t living my truth. I had lost my passion.

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A Family Christmas Tradition

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Last year we started something that we decided to embrace as a family Christmas tradition and I thought that perhaps some of you might be inspired to do something similar.

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Heritage & Moving On (in an interior world) | Visual Strands

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Architect: Smart Design Studio

I was asked by Visual Strands, an online lifestyle Zine, to contribute to the July theme “Heritage”. The theme was completely open to interpretation so I wrote about my natural instinct towards decorating and design.

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Sip NZ Wine Interview

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sip wine interview

Recently I was interviewed by a great new lifestyle blog called, Sip NZ Wine. The site is about what NZ does really well – wine, and is run by some women that know a thing or two about it. Caro, the creator who has six years in the industry, had the great idea to create a wine site so that you can meet the makers who passionately craft the wine for us to enjoy and related stories.

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Life’s Soundtrack #2

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Life's soundtrack

We’re heading into a long weekend in Sydney so I’m off camping with some good friends today. Before I go, I thought that I’d share a little of my life’s soundtrack again with you today. I always enjoy discovering new music, so please leave your comments below of anything that you’re listening to right now. I hope that you enjoy mine…

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preparing the plants in the spring

Two lovely bloggers, Catherine and Anastasia and I thought it might be nice to post today on springtime in our city. I had the grand plan to go to the Britomart Farmers Market this Saturday. Even with the ominous looking clouds and a bad weather report, I still went and sure enough, when I arrived, the grey clouds finally gave away and the rain came down in bucket loads. Not exactly my kind of spring and nor the lovely weather that we’ve been experiencing in Auckland of late. So instead, feeling housebound much of the weekend, I began to dream about spring.

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Kinfolk Gathering Auckland

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After the Kinfolk Gathering

Yesterday around my home, the morning after the Kinfolk gathering in Auckland, reminiscing about a lovely way to spend a Saturday evening.

Garlands of eucalypts and simple candlelight, created the perfect setting at Indie Home Collective where friends and strangers came together to share good food and wine and many laughs.

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Life’s Soundtrack

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Life's Soundtrack

There’s often that same soundtrack playing in our home for a certain length of time and just like a perfume, forever the memories of these moments will be tied to the music.

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