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With an eye for all things authentic, foodie and stylist, Fiona Hugues has forged her career by embracing the imperfections and drama of raw beauty and objects. Her boundless creativity and experimentation has her craft magical scenes for her clients in the food and interior world. Her work, in partnership with photographer, Jani Shepherd, under Gatherum Collectif is highly respected and in demand here in New Zealand. You know a stylist “has it” when you flick through magazines and you easily recognize their trademark. Fiona answered some questions about her work and how she got started in the industry.

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Urban Jungle Bloggers | Botanical Zoom

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urban jungle bloggers zoom zoom..

This month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers theme is Botanical Zoom. Yes Igor and Judith asked us to get up close so that we could enjoy all of the wonderful shapes and design of our plants.

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5 Stylish Easter Decorating Ideas

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5 Stylish Easter Decorating Ideas

With less than two weeks until Easter, I thought it was about time that I add a little seasonal touch to the house. I won’t do a lot, just something simple to represent the holiday, and of course get the children a little excited about the impending Easter bunny visit, or the cloche… It gets a little confusing this time of year with our French/Australian traditions.

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A New Bedroom Look with The Foxes Den

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A new bedroom look with The Foxes Den,.

I had some fun doing some styling for The Foxes Den over the weekend. With the change of seasons, the one area in the home that I find needs to adapt, is the bedroom and with cooler weather arriving, I needed something a little cosier.

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Gubi Styling

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Gubi Chair Centerbase_Ronde pendant - S - charcoal black, and rusty red_Gubi Dining Table Round_Grand Piano-1600x1600

It’s Monday and I have so much to do and organise this week. So what do I do this morning? I browse the Gubi catalogue and dream. I guess some might call it procrastination. I like to call it research.

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The art of Tszujing a home

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The art of Tszujing a home,

My friend Tash’s home is always impeccable. It’s not one of those show homes where you’re too scared to touch anything, or even sit down, it’s got a laid back easy feel, beautifully decorated, but it’s always in order.

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Urban Jungle Bloggers | Jungle Animals

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Urban Jungle Bloggers | Jungle Animals..

A quick hello to share a very special new addition to my plant family, a parting gift from Igor, one half of the Urban Jungle Bloggers founders.  In case you didn’t know, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of hanging out him and Philippe the past couple of days and showing them ‘my Auckland’.

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A home prop box for the stylist within

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A home prop box for the stylist within,

Something that I always wish for is to have more places to display things in the home. I don’t like clutter so have quite a few things packed away in various boxes and drawers. Organised storage is not my forte! I find it really frustrating to not be able to put them all out on show, because I love these things. Then the other day while I was doing my kitchen revamp I had a thought. I had neglected the area and placed a whole bunch of things that I love on the windowsill and didn’t know what to do with. Clutter disaster! With this restyle I had no choice but to store things away. In the process I pulled something out of the storage box that I had forgotten about and was perfect for the new look… It feels good; it feels almost as if I’ve brought something new home!

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