Glamping Around the World

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Glamping around the world.

I’m dreaming of the wilderness, tall trees, open fields and that feeling of being one with nature. To feel the warmth of a mug of tea in my hands as I sit outside breathing in pure air. I might even spot some wildlife. Perhaps I’ll pick up a pen and write, open a book or perhaps the scenery and my thoughts will be enough.

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Summer Aperitif and friendships

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Summer Aperitif and friendships10

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would have seen that I recently got back from a week away in the Coromandel. We rented a house with a great big deck with one amazing view. To make the holiday even more special, one of my oldest and dear friends from Australia, Tash, her husband Dave and their two boys were able to visit us for three nights while they were here.

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Tongariro Alpine Crossing

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Tongariro alpine crossing2

Some of you may recall that Guillaume and I celebrated 15 years of marriage last month. It’s pretty huge, so we thought we should do something a little monumental to mark the occasion. My parents were visiting from Sydney and we took advantage of them here to look after the kids so that we could have a few days away. We both enjoy hiking (known as tramping here). We had heard so much about the Tongariro Alpine Crossing and decided that was what we were to do.

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“The Piano Beach” Karekare

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The Piano Beach Karekare

Do you remember the beach scene in Jane Campion’s The Piano? It was a cinema masterpiece and something that has always stayed with me. The scene where Holly Hunter’s character, Ada played the piano locked under a box for hours on the beach, was was filmed in Karekare, a spectacular black sand beach on the rugged west coast of Auckland. It’s only about forty minutes from the downtown and I’ve been meaning to visit there since arriving in the country four years ago! I’ve been to the surrounding beaches, the most famous being Piha and then there is Bethells Beach, where Taylor Swift just happened to film her latest clip.

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Sailing the Bay of Islands

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sailing the bay of islands 30

When my Dad and stepmother suggested that we hire a yacht and go sailing the Bay of Islands, I jumped at the chance. Then the doubt crept in. Seven people together in a small space for five days and three of them are little with real needs to run around. What if it rained the entire time? What if they fell off the boat?

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Pompallier Mission, Russell

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I love stepping back in time don’t you? I particularly appreciate seeing the practices of artisans of the time passed, so I was fascinated by my visit to the Pompallier Mission Printer in Russell, during my holiday in The Bay of Islands earlier in the year.

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Planning our Escape

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kiwi bach

School holidays begin this weekend and I’ve been madly working ahead of time so that I can maximise my time with the kids during the next two weeks. We’re not going anywhere these holidays, we’ll just hang out in our pyjamas a little longer in the mornings, go to the cinema and fun stuff like that.

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Russell The Bay of Islands

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Russell The Bay of Islands sunset moon

I know that I only just got back from Australia, but I need a holiday already! Perhaps it’s the move, perhaps it’s the wet winter weather or all of the sunny holiday images from the northern hemisphere spamming my Instagram feed right now, but I’m dreaming of an escape. It’s an impossible dream, so instead I’m going to revisit my little getaway in Russell, The Bay of Islands from a few months ago.

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