The Affordable Architect | Box

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Not long after arriving in New Zealand, we toyed with the idea of purchasing a home. We looked at our options: To get something run down to renovate to our liking, or to build one that is architecturally designed. The latter was completely out of our reach until I stumbled upon Box. The concept, which you will read about made so much sense. Unfortunately we didn’t end up purchasing in Auckland, which is a huge regret of mine, but that’s another story. Box however was reintroduced to me through friends who commissioned them build their holiday home. We were their guests for the weekend not long before we left New Zealand and I saw for myself the finish of these builds that perfectly complement the landscape. Dan, the founder, is my guest today to talk about the Box concept.

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The Scarf Designers | Bird & Knoll

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Ever since I discovered Bird & Knoll they have been high up on my list of things to not-to-leave New Zealand without. These luxurious cashmere-blend scarves are printed with travel destinations, look fabulous and are worn by the fashion conscious worldwide.

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The Jeweller | Zoe and Morgan

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the jeweller | zoe and morgan-7

I met Zoe about five years ago not long after I had arrived in Auckland. She was my neighbour, and two things immediately struck me about her: this gorgeous welcoming smile and that she always wore the most amazing jewellery! I had no idea at the time about this brand called Zoe and Morgan that was making its mark in the best-dressed London and New Zealand scene.

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Creative Workspace – Gerty Brown Trading

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morag of Gerty Brown Trading

Yesterday I visited the home of Morag of Gerty Brown Trading, in the creative hub of Titirangi, west of Auckland. It was a rainy overcast day yet I was welcomed with a big open smile and pops of colour, trademark to her cheerful brand, I warmed to her straight away. It’s custom in a lot of New Zealand homes to remove shoes on entering; as I offered to take mine off, Morag stopped me in fear that I’d step on a stray pin. You see, her home is her creative workspace, her kitchen table houses the sewing machine and overlocker, rolls of fabric in the corners, vintage drawers and boxes full of fabrics and ribbons under the couch and cabinet. My immediate impression was, what a wonderful creative environment for her two young children to grow up in.

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Creative Workspace – Roanne Jacobson

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I love taking a peak into the heart of where things are created and hearing the story behind them. Recently I did just that when I paid a visit to the creative space of Roanne Jacobson, designer and director of the accessories brand, Saben.

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Creative Workspace – Dan Gosling

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Dan Gosling, a major player and influencer in the fashion world, also has a passion for architecture and designer vintage sofas. So I dropped in to have a chat with him in the space behind Black Box Boutique, before I left for my trip to Sydney.

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