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The Power of Planning

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the power of planning..

My life looks like this. Sometimes I’m so completely organised and I work productively, and other times I feel like I’m working blindfolded and waste a lot of time. It’s silly really, because I know exactly the secret to working efficiently and it’s not at all difficult to do. It just requires two things; time and the power of planning.

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2016 Goals | Create a one page roadmap

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2016 Goals - create a one page roadmap

Happy 2016 to each and every one of you! I hope that you all managed to take some time off to recharge the batteries and indulge a little over holiday period.

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Styled Canvas Services

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work with me - styled canvas

I’m really excited about next year. Now that I’m getting a little more time on my hands with the children and school and my youngest at kindy an extra day, I’ve decided to branch out and take on more work. Am I crazy? Nope, I truly love what I do and quite frankly, it energises me, I feel very lucky.

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Win a Toodles Noodles Organisation Pack

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Win a Toodles Noodles organisation pack.

I’ve had this giveaway in the books for a while now. I was planning on shooting all of the images when I returned from Sydney and, we all know what happened then – I moved five days after arriving back. So, the lovely Liora who is bringing you the opportunity to win a Toodles Noodles Organisation Pack has been so patient! In the end I think it’s meant to be because it probably pushed me to get my workspace finished so that I can show you how I use this product in my everyday life. Keep reading to see how you (worldwide) can enter…

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Digital Bravery

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In the throws of the rebranding of this blog, being busy was an understatement, but something came up that I had to jump at, an online Digital Bravery Course. The biggest pull for me at the time was that the very person who was mentoring me through my rebrand (and who continues to coach me today), Jaclyn Carlson created the course. This girl really knows her stuff. She has 15 years of experience in Marketing, PR and events and is the founder of an extremely successful blog and community, Blog Society so it’s with such pleasure that I’m participating in the Digital Bravery campaign!

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5 Tips to stop Procrastination (when you work from home)

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I have a load of different things going on at the moment. From being a mum, blog posts, freelance work, the restyle and name change of the blog, and then there’s Christmas and all of the end of year celebrations that are quickly filling my calendar. Juggling these in an unstructured environment, like working from home can be a bit of a trap for inefficiency. So what do I often find myself doing when it all feels too much? I procrastinate. Yep, that’s right, and I bet a lot you do too.

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