Six Things on my List from IKEA & HAY’s YPPERLIG collection

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By now I think that you’d be well aware of IKEA’S collaboration with HAY entitled, YPPERLIG. It will hit the stores in three weeks and I have to say that I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much excitement around about a product launch before. Have you? Each time I, or others have put something on social media about it, people comment that they are desperately waiting for it to arrive. There’s this sense of fear that they are going to miss out; that they are going to arrive in store only to find that what’s on their list, is already sold out. Some are even suggesting that they will camp out the night before! What? Well, it certainly is an exciting partnership of creative forces.

With all of this frenzy, I have to say that I’m starting to get worried myself. After seeing it first hand at the press viewing a couple of weeks ago, I can tell you that not only is this collection stunning, it’s also very practical and I have my own list ready for October 6! I can assure you though, that YPPERLIG will be around for some time and IKEA has prepared for this, but even with that knowledge, I still admit that I’m a little worried that I’ll miss out. Funny how that sense of fear and urgency works isn’t?

While there are many things in the collection that I think is spot on, I’m narrowing it down to what I truly need. Would you like to see the six things on my list?

1. The tea light candleholders are lovely and so effective grouped together like displayed above. It’s a gorgeous way to dress a table. I have six on my list like this!

2. I have a guest bathroom in our apartment and we’ve yet to find a mirror for it, which is probably a little annoying for our guests when they would like to touch up. I was about to go out and look for one recently before I saw this one in green. I love it, it’s so fun and from the entire collection, this is my number one favourite. I think I’ll cry if it’s sold out the day I visit IKEA!

3. With the cold months sneaking up on us here, we have some plants that will need to come inside from the balcony. This newspaper shelf will make a handy winter storage for my outdoor greenery, sharing the space with my magazines and the odd coffee mug no doubt.

4. I have a couple of ideas for the decorative wall shelf. My first thought is to use it in the kitchen as a way to display our children’s work, however I think it might end up over my son’s desk. I’ll play around and see.  If you’re a little worried about fixing this to the wall, you can do like stylist, Pella Hereby did, and fix it to a piece of painted plywood and rest it against the wall. It looks striking in front of the solid green.

5. I always find a use for little boxes around the home. This one also comes in two larger sizes, blue and ash, but I’m after this particular one as it’s the perfect size to put little trinkets in on my beside table – namely ear plugs – my salvation on weekend mornings when the children rise and I want to sleep. HAY even has some cute plugs that I could use.

6. Our two youngest each got a desk in their bedroom recently, but we’ve yet to find a chair for them. We like the idea of stools for their posture, so we’ll try the ones above out. Regardless, stools are easy to store and we are always in need of them when extra guests are around.

What about you? Can you see anything that you’d love to take home with you? I have no doubt that the armchair will be hugely popular, it has a lovely design and it is Rolf Hay’s favourite. You can see the video about his vision and the production here. Then there are the table and floor lamps, the shelves, the table… and people are already going crazy about HAY’s own version of the FRAKTA bag!

The press launch of Ypperlig, which translates from Swedish to “Excellent”,  was held at the very fitting ARTIPELAG gallery space in Stockholm’s Archipelago. The collection was styled beautifully on the day by Swedish blogger and Stylist, Pella Hedeby .

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mel xx

// Photos by Mel Chesneau for Styled Canvas. Images first published on my decor8 column.







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