As we say goodbye, it isn’t over…

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As we say goodbye, it isn't over yet2

Our house doesn’t look like this anymore. The entire contents minus five suitcases have been packed and are hopefully on their way to Stockholm now. It’s been a mammoth job closing up my life here and I didn’t even have to pack myself! Hence the silence the past couple of weeks.

On top of everything, are the emotions. Nothing really prepares you for leaving. While I am incredibly excited for the next few years that we’ll spend in Stockholm, I have this lingering urky feeling inside. You know that inevitable sad moment you’re waiting for? Today next week I’ll be saying goodbye to my friends here. I’ve travelled enough to know that the good friends do stay in touch and that many of them travel often, so we will see each other again. But from now on in, the relationship will be in a different context. This new reality is obvious as we spend our final catch-ups together, it’s in the moments when we all break out in laughter for some reason and then it dies down as the realisation sinks in.

I think the hardest part will be when I watch our children say goodbye to their friends. I do wonder how I’m going to hold it together at that moment. The guilt that we’re doing it to them is so prevalent. They don’t have any choice in the matter. I know that this is good for them, it’s great for them actually, but I also know what I’m up for on the days when things don’t go right in their new school and they’ll miss their dear friends so terribly.

Once we get through this moment I know we’re going to look back at our time in this country with an incredible amount of happiness and of course there will be some lingering nostalgia. It’s in our blood. Lou, our daughter was born here and is officially a Kiwi. And we just love this place and its people.

But it’s not over, nor goodbye just yet New Zealand!

During my time here I’ve met and discovered a lot of talented makers, so for the month of September on Styled Canvas it’s New Zealand Month. Twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays I will be showcasing a selection of my favourite designers, artisans and talent (that I haven’t already featured). For such a teeny country, this place has produced an enormous amount of talent. I wish I could feature more but I’ve been short of time. The first post goes live this Thursday!  So please pop by to discover the people behind the brand.

With love,

Mel x

P.S. I’ve been nominated in the AMARA Blog Awards again this year. We’re in the second stage at the moment where I need help from you.  I’d love to get on the shortlist of five in my category, after that the judges decide on the winner. If you believe I should be in the running, would you mind take a minute to vote for me by clicking here. Voting closes in two days! Thank you xx

As we say goodbye, it isn't over yet1

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  1. annton

    I so know where you are at right now. And telling you it is for the good, is not necessary. Simply take it all in, this is the stuff fond memories are made of. Even the tears…

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    Mel replied:

    Yes you’ve lived it:) And we know it’s good, life is about feeling, as raw as it is! M x

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  2. Alexandra

    Hej, that’s interesting news: You’ll be in Europe! Can’t wait to see your blogposts from Scandinavia!
    Good look with the move and everything!

    Love from HansensGasse

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    Mel replied:

    Thanks Alexandra! Perhaps we’ll pop into each other one of these days? xx

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  3. Igor

    I know what you mean!! Very emotional times but also very exciting times ahead! I consider myself happy and privileged to have spent a lovely evening with you and your family in your beautiful Auckland home! Next time I’ll see you in Europe! Up to then I am keen to discover more NZ makers here on Styled Canvas! Bring it on, Mel! And hugs to the family!!!

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    Mel replied:

    Look forward to seeing you at MTB very soon Igor xx

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  4. Lolly

    Hi Mel

    Sending lots of positive happy vibes for your move and wishing you and your family a smooth transition.
    It is always sad leaving behind friends and your life as you’ve known it. It’s the uncertainty and the unknown….. But that is also what makes it a great experience. I completely understand your worry for your children as they are, our world and we want them to be happy, settled with no worries. But children are so wonderful at looking at life in a simple, uncomplicated way, that allows them to open up and allow in new surroundings, friends and experiences.

    I love reading your posts and look forward to hearing how you’ve settled in.

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    Mel replied:

    Thank you Lolly, you always write the sweetest things. Mel xx

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