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My workspace would have to be one of my favourite places in our home. I guess I put it down to it being my very own space, although I do have to fight for it sometimes. It’s in a thorough fare and the children (and husband) tend to put their their belongings on it as they pass by.

I do dream of a studio to work from, some place a little separate from the house, or even a specific room. Like that I wouldn’t get so distracted of everything that needs to be done around the place. For the best part, I mostly only work when the children are at school and Guillaume’s at work, so the household action is never really a problem. But saying all of that, having this dedicated space has been wonderful and a first for me. Before I worked from the kitchen table!





This Tizio lamp in white has been the best lighting for the desk. It is super adjustable. We also own the larger version in black but the white is my preference. I use the wall as a bit of a moodboard with soothing images in my favourite colour palettes. The “Leafy” decal dot is available at Print By George, I love how I can peel it off and move it around. The pen holder is a sweet bud vase made by  Japanese Australian ceramicist, Keiko Matsui. I love it so much and didn’t get to see it often tucked away in the cupboard until I bought some flowers for it. Like this, I get to see it everyday.

Because the desk is facing the wall, I placed the mirror there so that I can actually see outside the window through the reflection of the mirror. I do like the rococo gold and the sentimental aspect as I’ve had this mirror since I was a child. The most recent finishing touch was displaying vintage Indian spindles that I bought from my friend Tash’s shop years ago.



These final three photos give you a good idea where the workspace sits in the home. Between the living and kitchen. The German beer trestle table, that I purchased from The Vitrine, originally as an outdoor table,  has been perfect as a desk, and if I can, I’ll use it again in our new home. I like the length of it, which allows me to keep books and resources at hand.


Behind me is the side entrance and in front, as shown here below, is the main entrance. Through the door to the right and you’ve got the bedrooms, playroom and bathroom.

This is the final instalment of My Home. Guillaume is in Sweden now looking for a new home for us so fingers crossed. Regardless, it will no doubt be quite a few months before our container arrives with all of our furniture and I show you how I decorate our new home in Stockholm. Even with all the work involved in moving, I still do love getting a blank canvas to work with, although deep down I wouldn’t mind staying put and settling in a home for a few years next time!

Before I sign off, I’m so happy to say that I’ve been nominated again this year for the AMARA Interior Awards. It’s been an honour to hold the Best International Interior Blog Award title this past year and I would be jumping to the moon if I get it again. We’re at the second of three stages now where I need to get on the shortlist of only five in my category! So all of the votes from you guys really count! After that, the winner is chosen by a panel of judges. If you believe that I should be in the running, would you mind taking a moment to vote for me? Click here to vote. Thank you:)

If you missed it, you can find all of the posts on our current home (yes there’s been a lot), here:

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I hope you had fun having a peek:)

Mel xx


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  1. Cyndi

    Wow Mel, the table fits perfectly on that wall – kind of made for it – eh? You’ll have fun with your new blank canvas, its always a challenge, but exciting at the same time.

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    Mel replied:

    Fingers crossed for a great one with all of the features Cyndi. xx

    Reply »

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