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Our dining room, along with living room is the extension of the original house. The owners did an fantastic job with this. I love the sunken room and the polished concrete floor, but what I think really completes the look, is the panelled wood dividing wall. It suggests that this is not the average extension, there was some thought to the design and flow of the home. When Guillaume found this rental while I was visiting Sydney, and emailed me photos, it was this feature that really attracted me to the place.

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The little alcove that it creates, is the perfect spot to put a side table and a lamp.  We have had more on the cabinet, but in the end we settled for the simplicity of the rounded lines of the Nesso Table Lamp in front of the panelled wood wall backdrop.

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We’re in the process of re-thinking a lot of our furniture for the move to Stockholm. We’re not sure what size place we’ll live in, so we may need to offload a few things. In this thought process, it has been certain that I would never be able to get rid of this vintage cabinet, it’s one of a kind. Guillaume found this old meat cabinet in pieces in the backstreets of Surry Hills, Sydney. He put it back together and its had so many uses since. I just love the distressed look and of course, the green! An absolute must for me with this piece of furniture, is placing something modern on it, otherwise it just looks too shabby.

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Here’s a view from a different angle. Towards our living area and the garden. The house is shaped in an L with the garden in the middle. The play room also leads to it but I won’t be showing that room. We never got to decorating it. It’s the “junk / don’t know what to do with this furniture, so plonking it here room”. I feel like I have to make excuses every time someone walks into it. That being said, having a room dedicated to toys and an area of their own to mess has been great. Here’s hoping that they’ll have something like that in the next place.

I have just one more room to show you while I prepare the big Stockholm move. In case you missed the the others, you can catch them here by clicking on the links:

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Have a great week!

Mel xx

dining room

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