Styling a Kid’s Bedroom with AURA Home

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Styling a kid's room with AURA Home

While my oldest child has his own bedroom, my two youngest share. They love it though. Each time I ask them, if we had another bedroom (which we don’t), would they prefer to have their own rooms, they straight out say no. In fact, quite often they beg me to let them sleep together and quite often when I check on them before I go to bed, I find them in a tight cuddle. It’s so sweet and I admit, I am a pushover (as my husband kindly reminded me this week) but I figure this lovely bond they have should be nurtured.

This space that they share really needs to be given some attention though. Since moving house, this time and the last, their bedroom has been the neglected one. It’s quite tough to create a cool kid’s room when you have lack of storage space and have to squeeze in the toys and belongings of a boy (think a Lego maniac who keeps them all in tact) and a girl, into a small room.

While we’re not in the position to deck the room out with new furniture or wall to wall shelves to house that Lego, I can certainly make the most of what we have, and do a big edit of what’s in the room. The biggest impact will be two things, changing the rug and the bed covers. On top of that, I’ll make a little collage of photos, put up a couple of frames and display their artwork. I’ve been finding inspiration from the AURA by Tracey Ellis catalogue. I love the way they’ve styled the various set-ups with the duvet and sheet combos.

Styling a kid's room with AURA Home2

This one above is particularly cool and would work really well in my situation. It’s such a good idea to have one of the sheets stripe and one plain. They’re both unisex and with a little touch of femininity for my girl on the bottom bunk with the pink throw. Definitely my favourite combo for what I’m after.

If Lou did have her own room, here are a couple of options that aren’t over the top girly.

Styling a kid's room with AURA Home3

Styling a kid's room with AURA Home6

I also like how AURA Home didn’t go for the obvious children style furniture and lighting for these shoots, they just added some cute little decorative touches. Good design works for all ages. In fact, a lot of these linen sets can be found in adult bed sizes.

Do you have any favourite looks here?

Mel x

Styling a kid's room with AURA Home

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  1. Anya Jensen

    I love this Mel, we have the same issue – only one bedroom, so the girls share, mostly the love it, but sometimes I am not so sure. Maybe if their room looked like this we would have a better chance of convincing them :)
    Have a fab day sweets A from Anya adores xx

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