5 Blog Questions with Jaclyn Carlson

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5 Blog Questions with Jaclyn Carlson

Do you remember my 5 Decorating & Food Questions series? Well due to popular demand, I’m bringing them back. This time I’ll be adding some other topics to the series, like 5 Blog Questions for one. Of course the person I wanted to lead this new line up is none other than Jaclyn Carlson, of Blog Society! You’ve no doubt heard me rave about this woman since hiring her as my coach during and after this blog’s rebranding. She is a wealth of knowledge in the industry and because of this, along with her open demeanour, she has created a huge community of bloggers that network and support one another. This woman rocks!

So happy to have you here Jac, now over to you…


What is the idea behind Blog Society?

As someone with past experience in marketing, advertising and PR, blogging came naturally to me. More than just a space to write, ramble and remember, blogging shifted my thinking and strengthened my creative spirit. It became an outlet and the more I wrote, the more my confidence grew and I recognised there was a whole world of women out there just like me that were waiting to be connected. That’s when the idea for Blog Society was born and it’s been an incredible adventure ever since.

From your experience, what would you say the most common challenges bloggers are faced with today?

Time. Blogging today, especially for those with aim to create revenue, requires a mastery of multi-tasking and organisation skills. You absolutely need to understand how best to maximise your time in order to remain sane in the blogging world these days :)

What do you think the future holds for blogs?

The landscape is certainly changing and monetisation is playing a larger role, however I’m a true believer that at its core, blogging, as a means of storytelling, will always hold its appeal.

Social Media or Email database?

This one is easy – email database all the way. While I’m the biggest fan of social media and you’ll constantly find me hanging out over on Instagram, but at the end of the day that property is rented, a beautiful but temporary space. Your email list is owned – and therefore vital for your business.

A great blog….. 

…is an incredible adventure. Of ups, downs. Of moments and memories captured on a page.

5 blog questions with jac carlson,

Thank you so much Jac!

Bloggers, if you haven’t already, add Blog Society to your blog reads for great tips and inspiration. There is also a Facebook group that you can request to join and connect with other bloggers. While you’re there, be on the look out for courses, events and new resources that come out.

Mel x

5 Blog questions with Jaclyn carlson.

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