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Merry Christmas & Thank you!

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Merry Christmas.

Last Sunday we started the afternoon at our friend’s house and after an early dinner we all walked up to Franklin Road, Ponsonby, to take in the (must see) Christmas lights. We all have those streets in our city don’t we? It really is the trigger for the Children that Santa will soon arrive and the excitement levels ramp up a little more. For me it’s the sign to slow down and spend time enjoying the little things, especially my family.

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Urban Jungle Bloggers Planty Wishes

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Urban Jungle Bloggers Planty Wishes

When Judith and Igor set the theme for us to share our Urban Jungle Bloggers Planty Wish for 2016, my immediate thought was for tolerance and compassion towards everyone sharing this planet.

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Sailing the Bay of Islands

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sailing the bay of islands 30

When my Dad and stepmother suggested that we hire a yacht and go sailing the Bay of Islands, I jumped at the chance. Then the doubt crept in. Seven people together in a small space for five days and three of them are little with real needs to run around. What if it rained the entire time? What if they fell off the boat?

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Fifteen years ago today…

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fifteen years ago today..

It’s not often that I get really personal here, but today I feel compelled. You see, today I celebrate fifteen years of marriage with Guillaume. I feel so very blessed to be writing those words. Without getting all mushy here, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how very lucky I am.

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Favourite posts of 2015

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favourite posts for 2015

It has been a huge year for me blog wise, so I thought it would be fun to do a little round up of my most favourite posts since rebranding to Styled Canvas at the end of March. Perhaps you might have missed some of them too, so in the order of them being published, here it goes:

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My Christmas Menu

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our christmas menu.

I’m a little more organised this year compared to last, and spent Wednesday scouring the Internet to put together my Christmas menu. Wow, a whole two weeks before! This is something that I usually put off until the very last minute as I see to all of the other urgent things like – presents! I also don’t have the pressure to be super prepared because it’s usually just us on the day. I still like to do something special though, and the kids adore the pretty table and whole experience.

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Wallace Rd Corner Stores Gift Guide

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It’s so important to support our local stores at Christmas time. What would the world be like if it was all about huge shopping malls full of chain stores and Internet shopping? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t reject that type of shopping, but there’s something special about your local bricks and mortar, not to mention the importance of a community for your wellbeing.

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5 Blog Questions with Jaclyn Carlson

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5 Blog Questions with Jaclyn Carlson

Do you remember my 5 Decorating & Food Questions series? Well due to popular demand, I’m bringing them back. This time I’ll be adding some other topics to the series, like 5 Blog Questions for one. Of course the person I wanted to lead this new line up is none other than Jaclyn Carlson, of Blog Society! You’ve no doubt heard me rave about this woman since hiring her as my coach during and after this blog’s rebranding. She is a wealth of knowledge in the industry and because of this, along with her open demeanour, she has created a huge community of bloggers that network and support one another. This woman rocks!

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