A Family Christmas Tradition

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Last year we started something that we decided to embrace as a family Christmas tradition and I thought that perhaps some of you might be inspired to do something similar.

The tradition is very simple and it’s not in any way a new one. No doubt many families may do something like this already. The idea is that you draw a name out of hat and make a present for that person for Christmas. In our case we did it within our family, but you could do this between friends or extended family. I love the idea of this because it actually makes you think a lot about the person receiving your gift and you put so much love and thought into making it.

a family christmas tradition

a family christmas tradition,,

Last year I got Guillaume’s name, which I have to admit kind of freaked me out initially because I am not in any way shape or form a DIYer! I also had the pressure (that I put on myself) of wanting to make something cool and that he’d use. It got me searching Pinterest for DIY ideas and in the end I made him a small concrete planter. I was so proud and excited to give it to him, much more than any present I had bought because I (the terrible DIY’er) made it with my very hands and he loved it too. He also gets so much pleasure from it today.

The rest of the family loved doing it too. Paolo made Lou a Tin Tin boat sculpture out of clay. Guillaume painted “Team Papa” on a t-shirt for the boys (he took on Lou’s job because she was a little young). Really, the look of anticipation on the faces of the gift giver on Christmas morning was priceless and somehow brought much more thought and meaning to it.

So there’s a little idea for you, if you will. We drew our names on the weekend and now we begin the fun of thinking of what we might make.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Mel xx

a family christmas tradition.,

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  1. Anya J

    Ohh what a special idea Mel, I love it, might have to adopt that one :) And did I mention your entire family is absolutely gorgeous.

    Hugs A x

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    Mel replied:

    It’s sweet isn’t it? I read about someone doing it once too and a couple of years later, I decided to go for it. You should, I’d love to see what you do:) x

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  2. Angela - designhaus no.9

    Dear Mel, it’s a wonderful Christmas idea. In Germany we call it “Wichteln” and we do it too. This year I got one of my nephew’s name. ;-) I think it’s a great tradition because my husband’s family is really big and on Christmas we’re about 18 persons. :-) Wishing you a great time!

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    Mel replied:

    Oh lovely! Is that a Secret Santa kind of thing? Do you make the gift also? I love traditions, even more so with children. x

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    Angela - designhaus no.9 replied:

    It’s just like Secret Santa, but unfortunately I have little time to make the gift. I wish I did! x

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