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Styled Canvas wins Best International Interior Blog Award

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On Wednesday evening London time, the AMARA Interior of the Year Awards was taking place in London. For me it was Thursday morning at school and kindergarten drop off time. I had my iPhone close at hand checking my Twitter feed because I was shortlisted as Best International Interior Blogger. I sat back in the car and checked. One by one the winners in different categories were tweeted. Then there they were, the words, “Winning Best International Interior Blog sponsored by Exsus Travel is, Styled Canvas”.

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A Desk Restyle

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a desk restyle-

Three months in our new home and my desk had a little restyle again. While I think it’s actually a good thing to shuffle things around, especially when it’s a creative space, the main reason for the restyle was that I wanted to put my remaining Happy Moose Wall Dot on the wall above where I work.

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Self Doubt, Awards & The Reality of Blogging

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Self Doubt, Awards & The Reality of Blogging,

It’s been a crazy month for me and if anyone of you suffers from self-doubt, this one is for you.

In the span of about a month, I found out that I have been a finalist in two blog awards. One was a local one here in NZ, run by the ANZ Bank to find the “Great Kiwi Inspirer”. It was a social media campaign and unfortunately I didn’t win (congratulations to Gem the winner and my fellow finalists Kelly and Amy), but I feel pretty humbled to have been in the top four. The other award, the AMARA Interior Blog Awards where I’m in the running as Best International Interior Blogger, will be announced next Wednesday evening London time.

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NZ House & Garden Interior of the Year Awards

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NZ House & Garden interior of the Year Awards kitchen supreme winner

Photo by Jane Ussher and courtesy of NZ House & Garden magazine

Last Thursday I attended the NZ House & Garden Interior of the Year Awards, a prestigious interior award here in New Zealand that judges in single room categories. Entries are open to the interior designers and the public and a great opportunity for those that might not have tackled every room in their home, but have one that they’re particularly proud of. This year there were almost four hundred entries, so making it to the final twenty is a big deal! Today I’m sharing a small taste of some of these from the November issue of NZ House & Garden.

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Styled Canvas Challenge | Moodboard Favourites

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Styled Canvas Challenge | Moodboard Favourites

Let’s finish the week with my Styled Canvas Challenge moodboard favourites.

The first is by Gudy of Eclectic Trends. I’m showcasing it here because not only do I think it’s quite spectacular, but also because any of you that are interesting in mood boarding can learn a lot from her. Gudy teaches interactive workshops in Europe (for now) and also has an online course. I was a little lost for how to do a moodboard so decided to purchase her course a couple of months ago and found it so beneficial. It’s her thing you know, learn from the best I say! So do go and check her blog for details and other mood boarding tips.

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Happy Moose Wall Dots

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Happy Moose Dots - Bicycle image in boys room

You might have noticed that I love to rearrange things in my home. Because I rent, moving around artwork is always a little tricky, so I was so happy to discover Happy Moose Wall Dots recently and try them out in my new place. The idea behind the dots is to have your own images printed on removable wall decals. I have to say that I was really excited by the possibilities. We are terrible at printing photos of our kids and the family, so my initial thought was to put some fun photos up, but in the end I thought I’d go for some decorative photo art that really fits in with my interior style.

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Edible Container Garden Happiness

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Edible Garden happiness

With the warmer weather setting in, I made an impromptu trip to the garden centre yesterday to stock up on seedlings for round two of our edible container garden. Last year the entire family had great pleasure from picking our food from the deck and we couldn’t wait to get it going again. While I’d love to have a huge patch in the garden, we can’t, because we rent, but it’s quite amazing how much you can harvest from pots.

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Urban Jungle Bloggers | Plants & Flowers

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urban jungle bloggers, plants & flowers

I always enjoy joining in on Urban Jungle Bloggers but I have to say, the October theme of Plants and Flowers was kind of irresistible. I’m sure that a lot of you will agree with me and this will be the biggest one yet. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

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