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I feel like I’m a little bit of a serial learner. Whenever I hear about new courses my ears always prick up. Are you like that? Even better are courses or workshops that teach you how to do things that you’ve always wanted to do, just for the fun of it. You know the ones I’m talking about; shibori, kokedamas, cake decorating and hello – weaving!!!

I know someone who has an insatiable thirst for learning, I sat beside her in a number of classes myself and saw how this woman doesn’t stop filling her knowledge bank. Meg from the lovely Tea Pea store in Wellington thought that she would share this passion of hers and invite some experts in a number of creative fields, to come and teach the community how to do what they know best. Meg told me that she actually had this “crazy” thought for a couple of years to establish a school, and finally just last week she launched it. Welcome Tea Pea School.

The line up of classes look superb, are reasonably priced and quite honestly I’m wondering whether to hop on a plane and take a couple myself.

Here are just a few of them on offer, more are on the Tea Pea School site and new classes are being added each week.

Tea Pea School - trickstips

Tips and Tricks for a Child’s Space

Covering  everything from setting up a nursery through to negotiating a tween’s space.

The Art of Writing

Lucy Corry will help you unearth your inner writer, with tips on connecting with your audience and finding your voice, advice on grammar and construction, how to craft the perfect social media post and more.

Tea Pea School - writing

Tea Pea School - bunting

Ceramic Bunting Making Workshop

Create and make eight clay flags to form a bunting on the first Saturday, and return the following week to glaze and finish them.

How to make Kokedamas

Make your own to take home and gain the knowledge to go forth and make kokedamas yourself, and for all your friends.

Tea Pea School - kokedama

Learn Shibori Dying and Potato Printing

In the morning you’ll learn the Japanese Shibori technique of fabric dying using folds and binding. Then you will design and dye your own shibori. In the afternoon, discover the effective and fun art of printing using easy-to-cut potatoes as stamps and you’ll print one metre of fabric to take away.

Don’t they sound like fun? Like I said, there are a lot more workshops to choose from so pop over to Tea Pea School and take take a look around. Perhaps we should convince Meg to go on a roadshow sometime soon?

The classes are held in a newly created workshop space in store and refreshments will be served at every class. Each pupil will leave with a lovely goodie bag and newfound skills. You can also book for private workshops designed for you and your friends.

Congratulations Meg in spreading the knowledge!

Mel xx

Tea Pea School Shibori

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  1. tina @ Colourliving

    I’m probably not that dissimilar to Meg and have spent my lifetime learning and gaining knowledge. There’s no better way to invest in oneself and I’m planning to be an eternal student.

    I’ve taken so many courses and workshops and am also excited about the new wave of online courses, which enables low-cost and worldwide learning.

    Well done Meg. Wishing her all the best with this venture!.
    Nice post Mel xx

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    Mel replied:

    It’s true, there’s a huge wave of learning. Certainly a trend. We can become serial learners Tina xx

    Reply »

  2. The Daydreamer

    The moment that I am alone, I try new courses (didn’t I meet you during an online course, BTW? ;-)) and my eagerness to learn comes back to the surface full force. It is just a pity that there is no space for my learning during my 48-hour day ;-) Still, the courses you sampled above from Tea Pea School sound great – I am definitely going to check out the site and probably start dreaming at all I could be learning right now!

    Reply »

    Mel replied:

    I do wish that we had more time in the day, mine are certainly jam packed. The good thing about courses like this is that it’s just a day or two and it’s something just for you don’t you think? x

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