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Urban Jungle Bloggers | Make Your Plant Pop



For the July edition of Urban Jungle Bloggers, we were asked to make our plants pop with some colour. This bright and happy theme is also a send off before they break for the summer months in the northern hemisphere. Even better though, and more room for celebration is the impeccable timing of this theme with the joy that is spreading around the world #LoveWins.

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Flotsam & Jetsam Warehouse

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

flotsam & jetsam warehouse

Today Flotsam and Jetsam open the roller doors to their new warehouse in Grey Lynn. I’m pretty excited by this, as it’s something I’ve heard them talk about for a while now and like many Aucklanders, I’ve been waiting in anticipation.

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Glamorising Cigarettes

Lifestyle, Thoughts

glamorising cigarettes 1

This is probably one of my favourite photos of me. It takes me back to my days in France, I’d spend my free time in cafes smoking cigarettes, reading books or catching up with friends, smoking cigarettes, solving the problems of the world and smoking cigarettes. I had a great time. But what exactly is it that I like about this photo so much? Is it the memories attached? I actually never gave it much thought before. Now that I ask myself the question, I think that it’s a little bit rebellious, but mostly I think that having that cigarette in my hand, in a black and white photo looks kind of glamorous and that’s what worries me.

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Interior & Design, Let's Shop


FOLDWORK would have to be one of the most stylish concepts that I’ve seen for a clothes air dryer.

When I was living in our apartment in Sydney, one of the biggest thing challenges I faced was having a practical system that looked good for drying our clothes. We had this sunroom where things would dry in a few hours but I was so tired of looking at the clothes rack. I was always searching for attractive ways to mount a drying system on the wall. If only this was available then, I would have purchased it immediately.

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Sustainable Home Q & A with Lisa Day

Lifestyle, Experts

Sustainable Home Q & A with Lisa Day5

Some of you may recall an article I did for the April/May Homestyle magazine on the sustainable build of Auckland architects, Lisa and Scott of Donnell & Day Architecure . It created a lot of interest here and on social media and it seems that quite a few of you are wanting to know more about what you could do to your home, to live more sustainably. When I spoke to Lisa about her home in preparation for the article, I was fascinated by her unwavering passion on the subject of sustainable builds and renovations. One thing that she kept on stressing to me, was that a beautiful architecturally designed home, that is also sustainable, needn’t cost the earth. Lisa also has this natural gift to explain it in everyday language. Obviously this is a huge subject and it can be looked at from many angles, so today I thought I’d focus on the structure of the home and what changes and/or additions you could do to live more sustainably. Lisa of Donnell & Day Architecture kindly answered some questions.

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On The Move (Again)

Lifestyle, Thoughts

on the move again

So we have to move again. Yep, that’s right and it’s an inconvenience to say the least. We’ve been in this house two years now and while we feel a little cramped, I always knew we were on a good thing. It’s in a great location, it’s renovated, warm, and it has the most incredible view that goes out to the Waitakere Ranges.

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Digital Bravery

Business, Business Toolbox


In the throws of the rebranding of this blog, being busy was an understatement, but something came up that I had to jump at, an online Digital Bravery Course. The biggest pull for me at the time was that the very person who was mentoring me through my rebrand (and who continues to coach me today), Jaclyn Carlson created the course. This girl really knows her stuff. She has 15 years of experience in Marketing, PR and events and is the founder of an extremely successful blog and community, Blog Society so it’s with such pleasure that I’m participating in the Digital Bravery campaign!

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Ottoloom Luxury Towel Range

Interior & Design, Let's Shop

Ottoloom luxury towel range

There’s nothing I enjoy better on a rainy weekend than having a soak in a hot bath with a few bath salts and a good read. It’s one of life’s little luxuries. The other day I had the perfect opportunity to do that and I thought it would be a great time to try out the new Ottoloom luxury towel range. Boy was I in for a treat.

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