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Styled Canvas Happenings

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styled canvas happenings

Friday is here, a long weekend in New Zealand and I feel like I can take a big deep breath. It’s been a crazy and fun couple of months for me since the relaunch. It’s been a big week and I’ve got lots of things coming up, so I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to what’s going on!

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Mimi Jung Weavings

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Mimi Jung Weaving - indigo

I’ve wanted a textile wall hanging for just about forever now. I feel like it is the one thing missing from my collection. I know that it will be a bit of an investment though and life’s little expenses pop up and you know how it is, it gets put off yet again. I’m almost considering taking it up myself. It would be such a lovely and rewarding craft to do but I do wonder if I’d be happy to hang it when I look at amazing works of art like that of Mimi Jung’s weavings. Beautiful aren’t they?

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The Styled Entertainer Giveaway | Father Rabbit

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It’s my final week of giveaways and boy do I have a goodie for you! I’ve partnered with the much-loved Father Rabbit for one of you to win “The Styled Entertainer” package. I chose these items specifically because this is pretty much how I serve our aperitif when we entertain at home.

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Urban Jungle Bloggers | Plant Gang

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Urban Jungle Bloggers Plant Gang

It feels good to be joining in on the Urban Jungle Bloggers fun again. With everything going on with the rebranding, school holidays and family visits, I simply couldn’t squeeze another thing on to the agenda. I was this close to doing last topic, even had the best idea… but no, I couldn’t. Then I saw this month’s theme, “Plant Gang” and well, I had to because, I do have a bit of a collection happening.

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Katia Carletti Ceramics

Interior & Design, Makers

katia carletti ceramics 5

Handmade. Ceramics. Planters. These three would have to be one of the biggest homeware movements going around at the moment wouldn’t you say? We can’t get enough; well I know I certainly can’t. I find myself constantly scouring the stores or online to find something beautiful and handmade that I can dream about adding to my collection. Today I’m shining the spotlight on some lovely ceramics that I’ve been admiring on Instagram made by Adelaide artist, Katia Carletti.

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The Styled Linen Giveaway | 31 Chapel Lane

Interior & Design, Let's Shop


For week five of my giveaways, I’m partnering with the lovely Irish linen brand, 31 Chapel Lane to give one of you lovers of quality, seven beautiful linen tea-towels to start from scratch with. That’s a lovely fresh one that you can pull out for every day of the week.

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Stylist: Lotta Agaton | Photo: Mikkel Mortensen

So you want to be a stylist? Or perhaps just practice at your styling skills a little? I know that this is something that I’ve really enjoy challenging myself with since I began blogging.

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Markantonia & The Caker

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markantonia and the caker 9

Oh do I have some serious eye candy for you flower and cake lovers all the way from New Zealand! Two creative talents here, Antonia from Markantonia and Jordan from The Caker teamed up for a stunning photoshoot collaboration, and today you’re the first to see the images here on Styled Canvas.

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