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Merry Christmas & see you soon

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merry christmas

Before most of you will be thrown into the final preparations of Christmas, I wanted to take this moment to wish you all a wonderful day. I hope that each of you take some time to unwind, read a good book and enjoy fun times with friends and family. There really is no better time to celebrate life than the week of Christmas to New Years. I love listening to everyone’s reflections of the past year and their hopes and dreams for the next, it really is quite magical.

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6 bloggers, 3 Christmas Wishes Part 2

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bloggers christmas wish list

Lena from Minamoka

Personal gift: My personal wish would be a class I can take. Some me-time. I have two kids and work almost full time. If I have some free time I like to read the newspaper or write a blogpost. But I’d like to be forced to get outside, be challenged, get my hands dirty, do something that doesn’t have to do with my work (the film and publishing world) or my family. I’d love to take ceramics classes, for example – but to make it easier to put a link here, I’ll suggest a photography class that includes exploring the city.

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7 bloggers, 3 Christmas wishes Part 1

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7 bloggers, 3 christmas wishes

A person’s gift wish list says a lot about them, their personal taste and of course, where they are in their lives at that particular moment. I thought as we come to the close of the year and for the fun, I’d ask some of my talented blogging friends who have previously been my On The Wall or My Space guest, what they would like if they had three wishes this Christmas. One needed to be personal, one for the home and one that was beyond themselves. I wish I had a magic wand to grant all of these wishes, particularly number three, which you can feel that they are so passionate about. Perhaps you can send them each a bit of Christmas cheer of your own and pop over to each of their equally amazing blogs that they worked so hard on during this year and say hi.

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4 Simple Christmas Tabletop DIY Ideas

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4 Simple Christmas Tabletop ideas

Now that most of my Christmas presents are sorted and that the tree is finally going up this weekend, I’m looking at ways that I can decorate the tabletop on Christmas Day. If there’s any time of the year to try your hand at some simple DIY, it’s now. Here are my favourite four simple tabletop and centrepiece DIY ideas this year.

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Dream Catchers by Luu Studio

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dream-catchers-by-luu-studio - white

I made a bit of a speedy visit the Auckland Fair on Sunday. We had two out of our three children with us, and because the youngest missed her midday nap; it was without a doubt a little challenging. So I did what any blogger would do, I raced through and filled my bag with cards of everything caught my attention.

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Rebranding the blog | Update

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Blog rebranding update

You may have noticed that I’ve stepped back to doing only two posts a week lately. To be honest I need that extra day (and more) to truly focus on where I want to take this blog and the rebranding. It’s a massive task.

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Urban Jungle Bloggers | Cosy & Green Bedroom

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Urban Jungle Bloggers | Cosy & Green Bedroom2

I always have some plants in the bedroom, but it’s usually on the table beside the window, where there’s light. I quite like the idea of having some green beside the bed though, so this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge, “cosy and green” was welcome. It makes sense to have some plants close to where you sleep, they purify the air for one, and some how make us feel more at ease.

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