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Handmade gift ideas by budget & free international shipping

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handmade gift ideas fo under $35



Some great news for those of us that still need to get some Christmas shopping done. just announced that from now under December 2, they are offering free worldwide shipping.  This is a great time to make some savings while supporting small business and beautiful handmade product that always makes a special gift.

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Amanda Dziedzic Handblown Glass

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Just yesterday, I discovered glass artist, Amanda Dziedzic through her newly released collaboration with Gorman Hometime. I love how Kit Gorman works with talented local and international artists and this particular collection is the sweetest limited edition glass carafe and tumbler set, all hand blown. I would have loved to have shown them here but the images were a little too small. They’d make a such a gorgeous gift, so do pop over to take a look.

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5 Tips to stop Procrastination (when you work from home)

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I have a load of different things going on at the moment. From being a mum, blog posts, freelance work, the restyle and name change of the blog, and then there’s Christmas and all of the end of year celebrations that are quickly filling my calendar. Juggling these in an unstructured environment, like working from home can be a bit of a trap for inefficiency. So what do I often find myself doing when it all feels too much? I procrastinate. Yep, that’s right, and I bet a lot you do too.

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5 Christmas Gifts for the Homebody

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5 gifts for the homebody

Okay, I’m officially excited – tomorrow marks five weeks until Christmas! For a little fun, and because I have so many gorgeous things on my personal wish list this year, I thought I’d share some of them and put together a little gift guide for the homebody.

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Big Changes Coming

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changes coming

Hello everyone. I just wanted to pop in very late in the day for me to say hi and to share some news with you.

It’s always good to grow and change, and one thing that has been on my mind for the past months is how I can better this blog. I really love being here and I have so many exciting ideas in the works but there has always been this one niggling thing that I knew had to happen first – a name change. Yes I know, it’s a big change and really, it’s something that I’ve wondered whether I could avoid or not but I always return back to the decision that yes, it must change. I feel that the current one is holding me back.

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The Cork Roundup

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Cork roundup Wrong For Hay-Lens-Box Wrong for Hay Lens Box Stackable cork

You may have noticed that we’ve being seeing cork a lot more in object design lately, especially with some of the main players. It has such a lovely smooth yet tactile feel with gorgeous muted colour tones that it’s really no wonder.

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Urban Jungle Bloggers | My Plant Shelfie

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UJB Plant shelfie T

This month our friends at Urban Jungle Bloggers HQ asked us to show us our “plant shefie”. So here is mine… a neglected plant brought back in from the garden, a thriving one relocated from the kitchen windowsill, and another that recently had their mother removed after it grew into a strange shape in search of the winter sun. After this exercise, I realise how nice it is to see a few plants in this part of the house, there’s certainly enough light for them here, so a couple will definitely be staying for a while.

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