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What kind of interesting pieces of work do you get on the wall of a passionate illustrator? I was so curious to find this out, so I asked Yvonne de Jonge of Mouseblossom blog, to join us for this month’s “On The Wall” feature. As you’ll discover, she has an amazing collection and I was so happy to see that she included one of her illustrations to showcase here today. Yvonne is from the Netherlands and along with her blog, she has an Etsy store featuring her work which includes some very sweet porcelain brooches, so do take a look at that and pop over to her lovely blog to say hello.


For my husband’s birthday last year, I asked Nicola Rowlands to make a portrait of him and our Sphynx cat (above). He likes birds, so she drew a bird on his shoulder, aw. It hangs in our hallway (which was a little dark to photograph) and makes us smile every time we walk past it.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to purchase this photo by Joe Baran (top) on Etsy, which usually hangs above our sofa (the reflection from the windows wouldn’t allow for decent photographs). No longer available through Etsy, his photographs went up in price quite a bit. And rightfully so.
This print of an India ink illustration of mine (below) was the first print I ever sold on Etsy. It traveled all the way to New York and it’s still one of my favorites.


This print of a photo by Ries Straver (below) adds a little humour to our bedroom wall. As designers, we often work strange hours and this photo reminds me to get out regularly or end up like this lady ;) Plus, I like the colours against our green wall.


To my shame, these three gorgeous sewn prints (below) by Clare Elsaesser (Tastes Orangey) are still unframed. I had custom passepartouts made, so that’s a start, right? This was another lucky early purchase on Etsy: she doesn’t sell sewn prints anymore.

I have a mood board (bottom) in the little room where I draw which I change around regularly to fit my mood or inspiration for what I’m working on at that moment. The tiny artwork on top is ‘Morning fog’ by super talented and sweet Franca Garrels.

I actually have lots more unframed prints and original illustrations by various artists: I’m dreaming of a big picture wall when we move house…


Thank you so much for sharing what’s on your wall Yvonne, what a gorgeous collection!

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Mel xx


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  1. Judith

    Really nice to see the walls behind all the green plant love (Yvonne was one of the first Urban Jungle Bloggers that joined us!). I love the very personal collection of photo prints, illustrations, sewn prints and her own work! And the wall colors are so very Mouseblossom, very recognizable! Thanks Mel & Yvonne for sharing these!

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    Now that you say that, I think that I met Yvonne through UJB! Mel x

    Reply »

    Judith replied:

    That’s just awesome! And SO one of the purposes of UJB! Thanks Mel!

    Reply »

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