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31 Chapel Lane | Irish Linen & Tweed

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31 Chapel Lane Irish Linen & Tweed

Irish linen has a long history and is renown for its quality and durability. It’s also something that most of us grew up with. Our parents and grandparents would always swear by that Irish linen tea towel that dries the dishes so well, quite often they would own only a couple of these tea towels and it would always be pulled out when the extended family came around for a Sunday roast. Fast-forward many (!) years into the 21st century and linen is being loved and appreciated around the world all over again, and it really has come of age.

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Instamoments #7 & Feeling Good Update

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I’ve been back almost two weeks from Sydney, a wonderful, crazy and emotional time back home. Every time I’m back there I realise what a special place it is and how much I miss it, my friends and family. The huge blue skies and sandy beaches and the holiday vibe of the eastern suburbs seduce me every time and I want to stay. Then weeks pass, loads of traffic, parking fines, road tolls and long distances to get anywhere and I begin to miss Auckland, the community vibe, shopping at Farro Fresh, good coffee and close proximity to everything. Will I forever be eternally unsatisfied I wonder? So, I decide to be happy with what I have now because I’m pretty damn lucky.

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Rooms to Love | Book Review

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Rooms To Love by LeeAnn Yare and Larnie Nicolson | Published by Penguin Books NZ Rooms To Love by LeeAnn Yare and Larnie Nicolson | Published by Penguin Books NZ

It’s no secret here that admiring beautiful interiors is a favourite pastime of mine, so I was pretty excited to receive an advance copy earlier this week, of LeeAnn Yare and Larnie Nicolson’s second book, Rooms To Love.

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Douglas & Bec – Bedroom

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Douglas & Bec - Bedroom 2

I’m not usually one for sets, I personally go for the mismatched look, but sometimes a design ties in so beautifully together that I question this idea of mine. Douglas and Bec have recently released a bedroom furniture range that is every bit elegant and seamless in its design and workmanship. Of course, each piece would also work beautifully solo.

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NZ House & Garden Interior of the Year

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NZ House & Garden bathroom winner

Photo by Jane Ussher and courtesy of NZ House & Garden magazine


Last Thursday evening I attended the NZ House & Garden Interior of the Year awards. It’s the second year of the awards that celebrates the homes of creative New Zealanders. This year there were over 250 entries and all of the finalists and winners in each category are gracing the pages of the November issue, which hits the shelves today. To give you a little taste of the high calibre, I’m sharing a little sneak peek of some of the finalists with you today.

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Team.Work | Trestle Union & Studio Home

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8 Comments | trestle union and studio home

Photo: Evie Mackay | Plants & Styling: Eden Hessell of The Botanist

Oh I know. Plants, we just can’t get enough of them right now. Well I certainly can’t. This would have to be one of my favourite trends happening at the moment and I really hope that it sticks around for a long, long time.

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5 Food Questions with Nicola Galloway

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5 Food Questions with Nicola Homegrown Kitchen 3

Nicola Galloway is a trained chef, nutritionist, author of three cookbooks, and founder of the lovely food blog, Homegrown Kitchen. Her blog is jam packed with wholesome and seasonal recipes, with the ingredients quite often grown in her garden. The way Nicola embraces the best of the simple life, which was influenced by her upbringing, really makes me question the urbanite in me and suddenly I’m dreaming of my very own veggie patch, hens and fruit trees. She has also just released a 2015 seasonal recipe calendar, which I can’t wait to get my hands on! If you’re not yet a reader of Homegrown Kitchen, make sure you pop over to discover it for yourself and click on the motion video on her about page to get the perfect picture of what it’s all about. Today it is with great pleasure that I have Nicola as my guest, answering my 5 food questions.

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Life’s Soundtrack #2

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Life's soundtrack

We’re heading into a long weekend in Sydney so I’m off camping with some good friends today. Before I go, I thought that I’d share a little of my life’s soundtrack again with you today. I always enjoy discovering new music, so please leave your comments below of anything that you’re listening to right now. I hope that you enjoy mine…

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