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Urban Jungle Bloggers – Back to School, Plants in the Workplace

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urban jungle bloggers my office

I’m happy to be back to show some new additions to my plant family for the latest Urban Jungle Bloggers edition. The topic is “Back to School – plants in your workplace”. Well workplace for me isn’t quite defined. I have two places at home where I work from; a corner table in my bedroom when the household gets too rowdy, and the kitchen table. They say that many good businesses began at the kitchen table. I keep reminding myself of that as I dream very hard of having my very own studio.

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5 Decorating Questions with Karine Köng

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5 decorating questions with Karine Kong - Image courtesy of and styled by Karine Köng | Photo François Köng

It’s with great pleasure today that I have Karine Köng, of the Bodie and Fou fame as my 5 Decorations Guest. Talented stylist, one half of the award winning online concept store, and lifestyle blogger, Karine certainly knows a thing or two about creating that perfect space in the home, her impeccably curated and award winning concept store is lusted over by design bloggers and interior magazines worldwide. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting the Bodie and Fou online boutique, it really should be on your list if you’re after some effortless chic. Oh and did I mention that she is French? Mais oui, of course!

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Feeling Good Again

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Living room of Mel Chesneau of Armoire Pegs & Casserole

I thought I’d do a very personal post today. In case  you’re wondering, t actually has nothing to do with my home, I just thought I’d include some unpublished photos that I took for my Design*Sponge home tour.  What I’d like to share is  something that’s at the forefront of my mind at the moment; weight loss, exercise and feeling good about myself. I hesitated in writing this, but I thought some of you might actually relate to it.

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Designer Insights & Sydney again

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Designer Insights Seasonal Picks

Velvet Chesterfield | Handwoven Arrow Tapestry | Grashoppa Floor Lamp | Bud Vase | Cross Brass Coffee Table

I was recently interviewed by Terry Blinds in the UK for their Designer Insights series about my inspiration, who I admire and my creative process. Along with this interview, I was also asked to provide my top 5 picks for the season. They are going into the cooler months on that side of the world, so I stuck to warmer hues along with some texture. I hope that you pop over to have a read of the interview.

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preparing the plants in the spring

Two lovely bloggers, Catherine and Anastasia and I thought it might be nice to post today on springtime in our city. I had the grand plan to go to the Britomart Farmers Market this Saturday. Even with the ominous looking clouds and a bad weather report, I still went and sure enough, when I arrived, the grey clouds finally gave away and the rain came down in bucket loads. Not exactly my kind of spring and nor the lovely weather that we’ve been experiencing in Auckland of late. So instead, feeling housebound much of the weekend, I began to dream about spring.

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Pottina & Pottone Self Watering Planters

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pottina and pottone

A self-watering planter is nothing short of brilliance. This is coming from somebody who adores plants, and I’m always intending to water them, but just forget to. As I write this, I’m looking to the corner of my living room where a bunch of flowers are in desperate need of a top up.

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1 Day in Auckland: Interior & Sightseeing

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Auckland in 1 day sky tower

“I will have only one full day in Auckland, can you suggest a day of sightseeing mixed in with some interior shops for me to visit?”

This question was asked by Cyndi, a lovely blogger out of California who will be visiting at the end of the month. I’ve been asked this question a few times before and I have to admit, I’ve been pretty slack with my answers, giving only a few suggestions here and there. Earlier in the year I met up with another blogger visiting Auckland and took her on a mini interior and homewares tour which she enjoyed. We did get a bit carried away at lunch so didn’t manage to see everything intended, but it was fun all the same. So I’ve taken this and coupled it with a few sightseeing suggestions. I hope that by posting this, a few other locals or visitors might add their “must sees” in the comments. We can start a bit of a conversation here for Cyndi and future travellers to Auckland!

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7 Vignettes Instagram Challenge

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7 Vignettes Day 3: Holiday

In July last year I interviewed Jen Bishop for 5 Decorating Questions and since then I’ve been “meaning” to jump on board with the 7 Vignettes Challenge. This week I did it – finally!

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