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Some News!

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Mel Chesneau NZ House & Garden

Guillaume arrived home yesterday evening with the latest NZ House & Garden in hand. The kids were at the dinner table and he opened it up to squeals of excitement, “look Mummy, you’re famous!” Okay not exactly, but to my greatest little fans I am. This month the magazine has interviewed me in the news section about renting and how I make a rental feel like home… oh yes a subject that I’ve been getting pretty good at these past few years!

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Dreaming of a Ligne Roset Togo

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Ligne Roset Togo

Can I dream a little this Monday? I love my sofa, I really do, and it serves us very well. It’s comfortable, stuffed with down feather, it’s modular and has seen many configurations in our four homes in four years… but sometimes I feel like something a little timeless, that I wouldn’t feel out of place sipping a martini on, and is a true testament to design. If I could make one Sofa wish, with no budget constraints it would be the Togo by Ligne Roset and come to think of it, I’d do the mismatched look just like they do in this image. It’s elegance at it’s best.

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A Food Stylist’s Life with Denise Vivaldo

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denise vivaldo 12

Painting a tomato with red lipstick and filling the white of a fried egg with denture paste are just some of the tricks that I learnt a couple of weeks ago as a guest at Denise Vivaldo’s, Introduction to Professional Food Styling here in Auckland.

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The Fruit Shop Ceramics by Hsian Jung

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The Fruit Shop Ceramics by Hsian Jung

This caught my eye and I just had to share it with you for the artistic sense today and perhaps for you to bookmark as an online shop is coming soon.

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Hello I’m Back

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The remarkables Queenstown

Hi everyone I just wanted to check in and say a quick hello. I had the most amazing time and I’m in love with Queenstown! We arrived home last night exhausted and refreshed after five days of skiing, restaurants and hotel luxury… heaven! I think I’ll have to do a little post about it soon and share some of our photos.

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Kuzana Ogg Flash Sale 50% off collectable artworks

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I love a house full of artwork. For me a mix of different styles make for an interesting home. It could be a wall collage or a statement piece above the lounge, walls are there to be decorated I say! While I love including a mix of mediums, to me nothing beats an original painting, there’s something so noble about it and it will always be there to keep, pass on to others or even sell.

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The Week Ahead (and it looks great)

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ski holiday

A quick hello because today I’m busy preparing for my long awaited getaway with Guillaume to Queenstown this Sunday. I thought this day would never come! This is the long awaited trip we’ve been planning to celebrate both of us turning forty this year and it’s also our first holiday together alone since we started a family nearly seven years ago. My lovely parents even flew in from Sydney to take care of the kids.

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On The Wall | Doris of Diary of an Interior Novice

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On The Wall - Doris of Interior Novice1

Doris purchased her London apartment a few years ago and threw herself into making it into a family home. It was during that time that a shift happened in her life and she realised how much she enjoyed the process, so she enrolled herself in an Interior Design course. Her blog, Diary of an Interior Novice is a document of all of her learning along with personal projects and interesting interviews with professionals who have also had career changes. It’s such a pleasure to welcome Doris today as she shares with us, what’s on her wall.

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