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Grow mini greenhouse

There have been some really lovely mini greenhouses that needn’t be hidden away of late and one particular one that has come out on top for me is the Grow Mini Greenhouse by Caroline Wetterling for Design House Stockholm.

This little beauty encapsulates the look of the glass dome, takes advantage of the indoor plant trend and also gives way to our nurturing side. How nice in our busy lives to plant a seed and watch it grow?

In typical Scandinavian design, there is also the practical element of the form where the top part of the lid is equipped with a spout so it can be used as a watering can and also allows a little bit of air in to regulate the humidity.

My little boy is obsessed with growing plants and vegetables at the moment to the point where he is keeping almost every seed from his fruit and planting it outside in the hope of a tree to grow. I imagine something like this would be an absolute hit in our house for mother and son.

Talking about growing, my blog will be turning two on the weekend so this Friday I will be having a little giveaway to celebrate and to say thanks you lovely people. So make sure you pop back in then, entries will be open worldwide.

Mel xx

Grow mini greenhouse - water

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  1. Anu

    Oh I adore that beautiful mini greenhouse! It has been on my wish list for some time now.
    It’s so cute that your little boy is obsessed with growing plants, I hope Tobias will get also a green thumb from his mother :)

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    mel replied:

    We can’t get it here in NZ so hopefully a store will pick it up. I have to credit the interest to his kindy, they spent a term learning about the cycle. So sweet! xx

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  2. Alexandra

    This is cute :)
    I love the story about your boy. We all planted chestnuts with our late grandma when we were kids (read: about 45 years ago), and now we all have our own special tree which always reminds us of her.
    My mom did it with my nephews, too, some years ago. I don’t know about NZ, but here, chestnuts are almost “satisfaction guaranteed”, and they grow so fast!

    In German, we have a saying:
    “If you want to rest in the shadow when you’re old, you have to plant a tree when you’re young”

    Hugs from the northern hemisphere!

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    mel replied:

    Oh that is such a lovely story Alexandra and one that I hope to adopt when we move back and find our family home in Sydney, I think I’ll encourage my parents to do that with my kids. We don’t have chestnut trees really here but I remember roasted chestnuts on the streets of Europe, soooo good! Mel xx

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  3. Ange

    Love it! Just bought my first ever houseplant Mel, this one looks like it may survive longer though given my lack of gardening skill.

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    mel replied:

    Oh good for you Ange, love house plants! Just a little bit of water, light, fertiliser (I forgot that in the beginning) and a bit of love and I’m sure it will be very happy. M xx

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  4. tina @ colourliving

    That is just beautiful and gorgeous.

    I also love that your little boy is obsessed with growing plants and fruits:-)
    Have you posted this on #urbanjunglebloggers?

    Thank you for sharing sweets.

    Happy 2nd Blog Birthday. What a great achievement! Will pop in when you post your giveaway.

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    mel replied:

    Yes I saw that Judith pinned it on UJB ;-) I saw you shared on twitter thank you. Totally in love with this one but not available here (yet). Thanks hon. M xx

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  5. Emma harris

    That is so sweet, I’m not usually a houseplant fan, and I’m prone to overwatering, but this is so lovely, I’m finding the whole houseplant trend quite appealing now! Emma x

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    mel replied:

    It’s a huge trend and brings so much warm and texture to a room. Go on do it! M xx

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