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Dialog Collaboration by Backhouse

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Dialog Collaboration

We love a good collaboration. It’s the word of the moment and for good reason. Two creative heads are better than one, but it’s actually seven are better on this occasion. A couple of years ago, Backhouse Interiors and Designworks had a conversation with five prominent New Zealand lighting and furniture designers, which resulted in the launch of “Dialog” last Friday.

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Le Petit Chef by Opinel

Food & Travel, Make, Eat, Drink

Opinel le petit chef

It’s no secret the benefits of kids getting involved in the cooking from a young age. While at times I have to admit I try to steer them out of the kitchen when I need to whip something up quickly, most of the time I embrace it and they adore it. Two things I make sure they stay clear of though, are boiling liquids and chopping things that requires a sharp knife. Opinel has changed the latter and have released a knife range for little hands called Le Petit Chef.

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Orange Pippin Apple Tart

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Orange Pippin Apple Tart

The Sunday before last I was strolling through the La Cigale French Markets in Parnell and saw a bucket of orange pippin apples. I’ve never been so excited about seeing a particular variety of apples before. What made these apples so special to me was a tear sheet out of Vogue Entertaining & Travel of an Orange Pippen Apple tart recipe that I’ve been hording for years. Fifteen to be precise! While the recipe calls for orange pippin apples, I’ve never had any luck finding them and I’ve only ever made it with pink lady apples before.

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I’m Two and I’m Celebrating with Two {} Giveaways

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Armoire, Pegs & Casserole giveaway

Happy blog birthday to me, tomorrow Armoire, Pegs & Casserole turns… two! While I think I’ll definitely crack open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate, I am turning the birthday table around and I’m giving away two birthday presents to two of you lovely readers anywhere in the world to say thank you for supporting me. Hip hip hooray!

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Grow Mini Greenhouse

Life in Sweden, Scandinavian Design

Grow mini greenhouse

There have been some really lovely mini greenhouses that needn’t be hidden away of late and one particular one that has come out on top for me is the Grow Mini Greenhouse by Caroline Wetterling for Design House Stockholm.

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The Voice of my Vignette

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Voice of the Vignette

Over the weekend it was my pleasure to be a guest at The Inner Interior for a monthly column called, “The Voice of the Vignette”. The concept is for a blogger or designer to create a vignette in their home, photograph it and share what meaning it holds for them. I really enjoyed this theme and hope that you pop over and have a look at my little scene and the story behind it.

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Blogging Basics Class at General Knowledge

Business, Blogging World

Blogging Basics Class by Mel Chesneau

I’m really pleased to announce that I’ve been asked to teach a class on blogging for the General Knowledge series at General Trading Co.

I thought long and hard about what angle to teach and remembered when I first started blogging and how overwhelmed I felt with everything that I should or shouldn’t be doing along what tools were available to use.

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Resin serving set Armoire Pegs and Casserole

Tina Frey Designs | Rainbow Serving Set I  {SHOP NOW}

Today I added a few more gorgeous handmade products to my boutique and thought it might be time to show you some of that goodness here. I have to say that it’s so much fun curating this store and love the idea of bringing handmade talent from here and around the globe together.

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