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It’s with absolute excitement that I can officially announce that I am curating an online boutique. Yes, my very own store! Something I’ve wanted to do for so long and it feels really good. This store of mine isn’t a regular online store though, I will be doing this through the channel. Now if you haven’t heard about then that’s pretty normal because today approximately 50 chosen bloggers and influencers are announcing the launch of their curated boutiques. It really is the beginning of something ground breaking. Read on and I’ll tell you how it works. is a gorgeous new marketplace where Tastemakers (bloggers like me), connect Makers with shoppers. It really couldn’t be simpler. So if you know and love the style of a particular blogger or influencer, you can tap into that style via their boutique. Once you’re there, you’ll find things that they love and that you’re sure to love too.

I’ve already curated a selection of beautiful homewares, accessories, gifts and art in my boutique. None of it is mass produced, all of it with good design in mind and of course items that I adore and would happily own myself. I will continually be updating my store with fresh new product as I discover new emerging talent.

Enough about it, how about you check it out for yourself, pop over to my brand spanking new Armoire, Pegs & Casserole store!

So… what did you think?

One more thing before I go. If you’re a maker this could be an opportunity for you to get noticed and to get your product and talent out there internationally. All makers need to do is apply to set up a studio and continue to make beautiful things while store curators sell it for you. It’s a brilliant concept. If you are a maker and are ready to take on the world, I urge you to apply to have a studio today.

I do hope that you join me in my excitement and I would love any help you can give me in spreading the word about my boutique.

Happy weekend!

Mel xx

Armoire Pegs & Casserole store

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  1. Jocelyn Casey

    Wonderful news, Mel! I love the concept behind GREAT.LY, it seems so simple and clean. I of course love everything you have curated (no surprise there). I am sure this will be a fun adventure and you can be a shop owner without leaving the comforts of your own home! How fun! Wishing you a wonderful grand opening xx

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    Thanks Jocelyn, the concept was rather appealing. Have a lovely weekend and just LOVED reading your Hive talk on your blog. xx M

    Reply »

  2. Anu

    Congratulations! It’s definitely very exciting and interesting to curate your own store! :) Haven’t heard about before, will definitely go and check it out!
    Good luck with your shop!

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    It’s so much fun actually! The only problem is that I would like to buy everything myself so it could be dangerous… Give that gorgeous little 1 year old a kiss for me xx

    Reply »

  3. gudy

    Hm, such a great business idea behind! And you absolutely had to curate your own selection. It is a brilliant exercise too to see how it works and one day you can do your very own thing, isn’t it? I know you always wanted to have your own little retail space. But for now let me jump over and see your excellent taste. xx

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    Thanks Gudy. I hope that I will see your beautiful ceramics there! x

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  4. tina @ colourliving

    Had a brief look at… sounds like a fab idea. Brilliant for the shopping addicted bloggers:-))

    Wonderful that your long dream of owning a shop is now reality:-)

    I’ve seen that a lot of you are selling the same stuff. Must be because it’s new.. .. but would have thought that finding makers is the easiest part. In my opinion, the interest here is the curation and exclusivity.

    Take Nicoletta, for example (currently on my blog) – the beauty would be for her to do one-off’s for you to sell exclusively.

    Good luck lovely. Enjoy the journey xx

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    Good point and I guess it’s the early days with makers coming on board. There are quite a lot of them but they haven’t loaded product… So at the moment you’ll see some cross overs but soon when it reaches a critical mass, it’s going to be very unique. The exclusive this is definitely something available and something that I will be doing. M xx

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  5. Catherine bedson

    I thought I’d commented on this post Mel but it must have been on facebook. Just wanted to say congratulations and wish you every success with your new venture. It will be fabulous, I just know it. As Amy above said “things are aligning wonderfully”.

    Very happy for you and well done with everything you’ve achieved with your blog so far. xx

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    Oh thanks Catherine. Yes very excited to be part of this and I do feel like things are moving along right now. Biggest thanks to you for your support and sharing the store, much appreciated. xx M

    Reply »

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  7. monsterscircus

    Oh how wonderful to hear such great things and events to celebrate!!! Dear Mel so happy for you and a BIG congratulation with your birthday. I’ve been quite offline the last month so it’s such a thrill to read about all your new adventures! Wishing you all the luck in the world with your new projects and I’ve shared your boutique on pinterest. Such delicate goods and I just discovered that I’ve made a future DIY similar to the FUROSHIKI BAG. Well there’s new things on my wishlist now, so thank you. Wishing you an amazing weekend and a happy Friday Mel, big hugs!

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    Oh thanks Mette! I can’t wait to see the bag DIY, I’m sure it will be amazing as usual. Good news for you is that you may be able to go shopping courtesy of me because it’s my blog birthday and today I just posted a giveaway of 2 x $100 vouchers to redeem in my store. Hope you enter. Big hugs and thanks for sharing my store Mette! xx

    Reply »

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