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Instagram Talk | @hildemork78

Instagram really is such an inspiring place to be at the moment. On an artistic level it’s an everyday training tool for  capturing and understanding what makes a great photo and for some, it encourages us to practice the art of styling. Some of these IG feeds I’m talking about just take you into this dreamy world; each and every image, ever so slightly touching on the life of the photographer. Hilde Mork has one of those feeds. She has such an eye for capturing beauty, along with an impeccable hand at styling and imagination. With her beautiful Norwegian home as the backdrop, Hilde’s followers sure are in for a visual treat.

Hilde also happens to be one of the friendliest people on on Instagram and I’m so happy to have her here answering a few IG related questions along with giving us a few handy tips.

Instagram Talk | @hildemork78

Could you tell us when you first joined Instagram?

About 2 years ago.

What would you say  you mostly use the Instagram platform for?

I love to collect images of things that inspire me. It also makes me experiment and try out different angles, light etc when I shoot. So first of all this is my digital sketch book that keep up a good flow in my creative work as a graphic designer.

One year ago I quit my day job, and started to work more with interior as a freelance graphic designer. Styling, shooting and writing is now a part of my work day. Therefore IG helps me to improve my work, I guess. It helps me to think quickly and to trust my intuition.  IG is a platform where I get to know other peoples work, and meet new friends! My creative partner and lovely friend Jeanette (@byfryd) also use IG to show our work and our little Hysj-world.

I have also been participating in different things; the most exciting was a styling competition (#stylingteammichigan). A selected styling team did one styling a day, and it was fun to see other peoples work and to try come up with good ideas everyday. I show some private pictures, but I like to have the most private to myself, so I guess IG is more an image of what I like, my lifestyle (I try to keep up with an eco-life, I’m a mother, I have a garden, I´m urban, but I have hens, I love fashion, but love to play in my dungarees, etc… :) and what I work on at the moment.  To share and inspire people makes me happy!

Instagram Talk | @hildemork78

Do you use your phone or DSLR for your IG photos?

I use my old iPhone. And sometimes I post images from my work (Taken with my Canon camera:)

Instagram Talk | @hildemork78

Could you please share with us a few of your favourite IG feeds at the moment?

There are so many inspiring IG-feeds! It´s so difficult to choose, but have a look at these, they are all so inspiring in different ways!

@marielleko | @nonihana | @quietblessings | @annaleenashem

@marte_marie_forsberg | @local_milk | @kessara | @morningslikethese  

Instagram Talk | @hildemork78

Do you have some favourite filters or apps for your IG images?

I started to use the Earlybird filter in IG, but now I use VSCO. I like the way the filters soften my images, and the way I can play with the darker part of the pictures. I take pictures without filter for my work, so I guess this is to give my IG-feed a personal touch. I also collect my images in a VSCO grid.

Instagram Talk | @hildemork78

Do you have any Instagram tips for my readers?

Stay true to who you are! Try to find your own, personal style in the way you take your photos, how you write your text and how you use hashtags. If you want to get in touch with other IG-people, use hastags, leave comments and be polite! IG is a borderless  world, there are so many fantastic people and it gives me so much inspiration! IG is a visual playground!

Instagram Talk | @hildemork78

Thank you so much for sharing some of your beautiful IG images and giving us some insight into your inspiring feed Hilde!

Readers if you’re not already following Hilde, I’m sure you will love her feed like I do and you can find her on Instagram as @hildemork78

You can also see more of her work as one half of the creative duo behind the HYSJ brand which I’m a big fan of and wrote about here.  You can also follow Hilde’s VSCO Grid and her blog.

Mel xx

Instagram Talk | @hildemork78

All images courtesy of Hilde Mork from her Instagram feed @hildemork78

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  1. gudy herder

    Hilde is between my top 3 Instagrammers I follow, there is no one single pic I don’t like and more over beside her images, it’s her kindness that make her stand out on this platform. xx to both ladies!

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    She really is, always such a pleasure to see talent mixed with kindness. You too Gudy xx

    Reply »

  2. Alison MAy

    Oh this was just wonderful… I snap away with no real purpose on Instagram so my feed is a muddle of moods and moments… this though is Instagram with intention. Thank you…

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    Hi Alison, thanks for popping in. I think most of ours are like that Alison and that’s okay too, I enjoy so many types of feeds, it’s such a great platform for everything.

    Reply »

  3. tina @ colourliving

    Hi. Thank you for sharing.

    I’m probably less a fan of IG than most. I think we’ve gone into visual overdrive… but that’s ok (I know I’m in the minority).

    Hilde makes some great points and I’ve started to take note of hashtags et cetera.
    Thank you ladies xx

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    That’s surprising for an artist? I love the platform more and more.. I took note of the hashtags also, I started to be a bit of an anti-hashtager because I was getting strange people visiting but then I realised it’s there to meet people however we need to be very selective… M xx

    Reply »

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