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Monsoon Living Online Store Opening

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Monsoon Living 4

Let me tell you about one of my dearest friends, Tasha and the opening of her online store, Monsoon Living. Tash and I met in the mid nineties when we were both working in the television industry and hit it off straight away. She visited me twice while I was living in Europe, was one of my bridesmaids and I was one of hers, so it goes without saying that she’s a pretty special friend. Tash also has impeccable taste, which I’ve long admired.

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Turning 40

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Turning 40

Today happens to be the beginning of my last week in my thirties. Sounds very dramatic doesn’t it? I have to say that the lead up to turning forty feels kind of strange. I guess when you reach milestone birthdays it’s always the moment for reflection and to take stock on where you’ve been, where you’re at now and where you’re going to. Looking at it like that, I feel blessed for all of the incredible experiences I’ve had to date and most of all for my little family, which is my absolute rock. I also feel so excited for the future, for the direction of this blog and all of the possibilities and opportunities that come my way because of it. With all of that, I guess I need to stop looking at those extra lines around my eyes as something negative and not compare myself to young gorgeous twenty year olds. Those lines make up so many stories and experiences that I hadn’t yet experienced when I was twenty.

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Armoire, Pegs & Casserole Store

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Mel Chesneau, Armoire Pegs & Casserole Tastmaker online store

It’s with absolute excitement that I can officially announce that I am curating an online boutique. Yes, my very own store! Something I’ve wanted to do for so long and it feels really good. This store of mine isn’t a regular online store though, I will be doing this through the channel. Now if you haven’t heard about then that’s pretty normal because today approximately 50 chosen bloggers and influencers are announcing the launch of their curated boutiques. It really is the beginning of something ground breaking. Read on and I’ll tell you how it works.

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Instamoments #5 Flower Vignettes

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I’m working on something really exciting at the moment, well exciting for me and hopefully it will be received well by all of you too! To give you a hint, it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time but until now because it didn’t feel right. I won’t have you hanging on for long but I just want to wait until it’s set up until I reveal it to you!

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Kinfolk Gathering Auckland

Lifestyle, Culture

After the Kinfolk Gathering

Yesterday around my home, the morning after the Kinfolk gathering in Auckland, reminiscing about a lovely way to spend a Saturday evening.

Garlands of eucalypts and simple candlelight, created the perfect setting at Indie Home Collective where friends and strangers came together to share good food and wine and many laughs.

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Madder & Rouge Auckland

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madder and rouge auckland

When we first moved to Auckland, Madder and Rouge was one of the first interior shops that I would often visit so it’s such a pleasure to do a little shop tour of this real gem of a store today.

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On The Wall | Anu from Decor Dots

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On the Wall | Anu of DecorDots Blog

I met Anu online not long after starting AP&C close to two years ago, take aside that she’s such a lovely and warm person, she does a great edit of Nordic design which she shares on her beautiful blog Decordots. All of the seriously pinworthy images that she shares are found after her self confessed hours and hours of scanning through interior websites and magazines. Recently I noticed a lovely coloured wall in her home on her Instagram feed so I thought it might be fun if she wouldn’t mind sharing what she has hanging on it with us today. Please welcome Anu and all the way from Estonia!

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Instagram Talk | Hilde Mork

Business, Social Media

Instagram Talk | @hildemork78

Instagram really is such an inspiring place to be at the moment. On an artistic level it’s an everyday training tool for  capturing and understanding what makes a great photo and for some, it encourages us to practice the art of styling. Some of these IG feeds I’m talking about just take you into this dreamy world; each and every image, ever so slightly touching on the life of the photographer. Hilde Mork has one of those feeds. She has such an eye for capturing beauty, along with an impeccable hand at styling and imagination. With her beautiful Norwegian home as the backdrop, Hilde’s followers sure are in for a visual treat.

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