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My Space | Judith de Graaff of Joelix

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

My Space: Judith de Graaff of Joelix

Judith is the author of Joelix, a lifestyle blog about design, travel and nature. While she was born in the Netherlands, she now resides just outside of Paris with her husband and three (very photogenic!) cats in a renovated industrial building from the 60’s called Studio Sapique.

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Urban Jungle Bloggers April Challenge

Interior & Design, Styled Space

Urban Bloggers Challenge - Balcony

This month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge is to show our green balcony or window sill. I chose the balcony knowing full well that this might be my last opportunity to show some outdoor for a few months as we’re heading into winter over here.

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Fabric Lining the French Armoire

Interior & Design, Styled Space

french armiore

If you’ve been a reader of this blog since the early days, you may recall me talking about an armoire that we inherited along with a few other beautiful pieces from Guillaume’s grandparents in France. Inside it was lined with fabric that his Grandmother did about forty years prior and it was looking rather tired. When Guillaume’s mother told us that she was coming to visit for a couple of months the Christmas before last and asked for a project to work on, I knew exactly what she could do, reline the armoire.

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On The Wall | Elodie of Madame Love Blog

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

This really is such a pleasure for me to bring yet another instalment of my On The wall series and today please welcome Elodie from the gorgeous flower and interior blog, Madame Love as my guest. Each time a fellow blogger or creative shares a little wall place in their home with us, it allows me and I hope you to discover them somewhat more. Elodie’s contribution here certainly does for me. When I see this collection, I’m not surprised as it is very much her beautiful aesthetic, yet I’m fascinated by what it is that she is sharing with us that’s on her wall and the stories behind, that have such meaning to who she is today…

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Chocolate & Meringue Cake

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chocolate meringue cake

We had a couple of celebrations for Guillaume’s birthday this weekend. He actually turned 40 a couple of weeks ago but he was working in Sydney at the time, so it really wasn’t until this weekend that we were able to celebrate it. On Saturday night, we hired a babysitter and I took him out to dinner at Depot, a very cool restaurant here in Auckland and last night we did the birthday cake.  With kids you just can’t escape the birthday cake and candles, they’ve been hassling me for it all week – not that I’d want to miss it anyway, I’ll take any excuse for cake…

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Reader Survey with a Prize


Dear readers, fellow bloggers, family and friends.

At the end of June this blog will be turning 2 so I thought this would be the right time to check in with you to see how I’m going and of any improvements that I could make as I move forward.

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Anna Palomaa Designs

Interior & Design, Makers, Life in Sweden, Scandinavian Design

True to Scandinavian design,  Finnish designer, Anna Palomaa works very much with functionality and experimental as the backbone to her objects. While she works in many different facets of design and ceramics, I’m particularly interested in her use of reindeer hide.

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#Internet Free Sundays

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I had this post planned for Friday… A challenge. A challenge for me and a challenge for anyone who wishes to join me. Something that I touched on when I guest posted for Elodie last year, yet I have to say that I’ve failed miserably on these past months.

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