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Each time I enter Indie Home Collective, I’m always taken back by the serine ambience that I’m welcomed in to. Perhaps it’s the vast array of green foliage and succulents throughout the store, the muted colours and wash whites or simply that laid back earthy feel. What ever it is, I imagine that if this store reflects the taste of the owners, Claudia Kozub and Neel Giri, then their home would no doubt be a favourite place to visit amongst friends, so that they too could soak up that relaxed vibe.

Claudia is a well-established interiors and food stylist here in New Zealand, so opening her own homewares and furniture store to mirror her personal style was a natural extension from that, and I have to give it to her, she has managed to fill an enormous space with beauty!

Much of the furniture in store is sourced in Indonesia, interestingly from the Dutch colonisation era. Other items, such as the contemporary sofas are designed by Claudia herself and manufactured here in New Zealand.

Dotted elegantly around the store you’ll see beautiful artisan Ay Illuminate lights hanging that she has imported from the Netherlands, along with a huge array of ceramics including the beautiful Wonki Ware, that are handmade in South Africa.


I really admire the point of difference Claudia and Neel have brought to the store and it’s very difficult to leave without snapping even a littlest of something up, be it a sweet scented candle, something living or a gorgeous scarf like I did.


If you happen to be in Auckland, a visit to the Nuffield Street store in Newmarket should definitely on your list. I hope you enjoyed taking a little peek inside today.

Happy weekend everyone!

Mel xx

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  1. Paulina

    Love Indie home…..not trying to be anyone it’s not….
    Beautiful store..lovely and relaxing to meander in. Nice not to see that awful pop of colour that appears in one of the NZ home magazines every month (one in particular)!!!!
    People should not be afraid to bring their personality into their home in a homely welcoming way….

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    mel replied:

    Hi Paulina, thanks for your visit:) They certainly do a wonderful job offering something really unique and very appealing. As someone who has recently moved to Auckland, I’m pretty impressed with the variety of styles on offer for such a small city. Mel x

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  2. Amy

    Oooo – what a great store Mel! Particularly love the ceramics and glassware, reminds me of a friends beautiful home she’s been renovating – I featured her a few years ago in my early days blogging – in case you missed it:

    Beautifully curated shop – thanks for sharing x

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    mel replied:

    Thanks Amy! I’ll have a look a little later – got internet problems at the moment so working on 3G which is a little frustrating… M xx

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  3. Cyndi

    This looks like my kind of store! I bet I would snap up more than a couple trinkets here. I love your photos, especially the one taken through the front window with the reflection of the building and trees behind.

    BTW – I enjoy following your blog and so I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Go to my website to check out the specifics and see the questions to answer if you are interested in participating. I had a lot of fun putting it together and thought you may like to as well. See what you think. Cyndi

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    mel replied:

    Hi Cyndi! I’m so glad you like the photos:) Thank you so much for the nomination, you’ve made my weekend! Mel x

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    Cyndi replied:

    You are more then welcome – I want others to enjoy your blog as much as I do!

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  5. Lesley

    This has been a favourite of mine since it opened and, as you say, it has a very calming effect as you browse around. Natural colours, textures and greenery and they always have time to talk to you.

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    Mel replied:

    I wish it was closer to where I live otherwise i’d be popping in all the time. Perhaps it’s a blessing they’re not;)

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