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Insta Moments #4

Lifestyle, Thoughts

The last day of March and time for another little Instagram round up for the last couple of months. Here is a little selection from my feed of late:

Earlier last month I popped into The Vitrine to check out a new addition to their warehouse, another space next door dedicated entirely to restored furniture. Like always, everything in there is swoon worthy and certainly a must to check out. I have to say that if I were renovating a house, I’d beg and plead them for that green door that’s not for sale!

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Mamie Annie’s Mild Lamb Curry

Food & Travel, Make, Eat, Drink

mamie annie's curry1

Just a few hours before Mamie Annie left to take her flight back to France, she was in the kitchen, making Guillaume a few more jars of the marmalade that he so enjoys, along with whipping up one last meal for us to share together for lunch – a delicious lamb curry. The flavours subtle and even mild enough for the youngest palettes to enjoy, we all couldn’t help but take second serves.

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Wacamole Ceramic Planters

Interior & Design, Let's Shop

On the back of Monday’s Urban Jungle Blogger, I’ve had my head back into finding original planters to have around the home. Right now for this kind of thing, my heart is with fun handmade designs and my latest discovery in that department is these cute footed ceramic pots out of Spain by Wacamole Ceramic.

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Urban Jungle Bloggers – March Challenge

Interior & Design, Styled Space

I’ve enjoyed following the Urban Jungle Bloggers the past few months and couldn’t resist joining in on the fun this time.

The March styling challenge was in fact a true one for me because the subject is spring and/or Easter and argh over this side of the world, we’ve just moved into – autumn! So considering the seasons, I originally thought that Easter would be the more doable option for me but then my weekend turned out to be pretty jam packed and with very little time to get creative. So a spring (ish) plant vignette it is.

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An Artist & a Collector

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

I’m feeling rather honoured to be presenting this today. About a month ago, I was invited into the home of two very special guys here in Auckland; one is the collector, Cameron who happens to run the very popular Flotsam & Jetsam store in Ponsonby (I did a post about that here). The other is Gavin Hurley, a well-known New Zealand modern artist and whose works are represented here.

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5 Decorating Questions with Will Taylor

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

If I had to pick one place on the Internet where I’d go to put a smile on my face, Bright Bazaar would definitely be high up on the list. Authored by Will Taylor, this extremely successful blog has just celebrated five years online. Always written in a friendly voice, Will shares his love of decor, fondness for baking and his (many) travel adventures. Also the talented photographer, his readers are forever spoilt with beautiful imagery.

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Colour Living’s Vive la Difference

Interior & Design, Styled Space

vive la difference_mel chesneau

How was your weekend everyone? We were house bound most of it as we experienced the tail end of Cyclone Lasi here in New Zealand so we put ourselves to good use and painted the small room ready for our eldest son to move into. I’ll certainly share the end result with you in the coming weeks once we’ve finished setting it up.

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Indie Home Collective

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

Each time I enter Indie Home Collective, I’m always taken back by the serine ambience that I’m welcomed in to. Perhaps it’s the vast array of green foliage and succulents throughout the store, the muted colours and wash whites or simply that laid back earthy feel. What ever it is, I imagine that if this store reflects the taste of the owners, Claudia Kozub and Neel Giri, then their home would no doubt be a favourite place to visit amongst friends, so that they too could soak up that relaxed vibe.

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