5 Decorating Questions with Alice Lines

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I always enjoy putting together my 5 Decorating Questions feature. It’s interesting to see in a snapshot what it is that influences a person’s personal decorating style, especially when most of my interviewees are quite often fully immersed in the decorating world. Alice Lines certainly is, and as the Editor of the New Zealand interiors magazine, Homestyle, she would spend many waking hours observing the beautiful homes that grace the bi-monthly magazine, along with keeping her finger on the pulse of the trends to report on. With that being said, it’s such a treat to have her as a guest today answering my questions and getting a glimpse into how she incorporates all of this into her personal decorating style.

Over to you Alice…

Styling by Alice Lines for homestyle. Photography: Melanie Jenkins

How would you best describe your style?

It’s an ever evolving mix. I’m always faffing around with arrangements of art, objects and foraged finds, so I like a clean neutral backdrop, which can be added to, or subtracted from.

Where do you find decorating inspiration?

Inspiration is multichanneled these days, the street, the internet, conversations, fashion, art, design, food. I’m constantly taking a second look at the things that surround me everyday. My phone is my visual diary.

Styling by Alice Lines for Homestyle. Photography: Wendy Fenwick

What is on your splurge list right now for the home?

I’ve been on the hunt for a floor lamp, and have narrowed it down to the Grasshopper lamp from Gubi, or an Angle floor lamp 2.0 made by Douglas and Bec. My other little splurge is fresh flowers and foliage. Even if its just a bunch from the dairy.

White walls or coloured?

I’m conflicted when it comes to colour versus white walls. Particularly as colour covers a multitude of options…as does white come to think of it. I love the simplicity of white. But there’s a little voice inside my head that’s saying ‘coloured walls have more fun!’

Home is…

…a place I look forward to owning one day.

Styling by Alice Lines for Homestyle. Photography: Larnie Nicolson

Thanks so much Alice!

Readers you can experience daily inspiration and behind the scenes of Homestyle by following them on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Alice also has a gorgeous personal Instagram feed that’s a must to follow.

Mel xx

Styling by Alice Lines for Homestyle. Photography: Larnie Nicolson

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  1. Amy

    Morning Mel, great interview and so nice to know that even Alice’s style is constantly changing. I have a similar conflicting idea about white and colour, and love fresh flowers at the moment. I have lots of spring bulbs around the house at the moment [Ikea sell them super cheap], and it’s such a great way to add colour and life to the house. Thanks for the inspiration, A xx

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    Ohhh bulbs – I’ve never experimented with them in the home, must give it a go! I’m the same, loving colour but I really love that white base to work from… Mel xx

    Reply »

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