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On The Wall: Tina Bernstein from Colour Living

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

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Well after being missing in action after a fantastic break to Sydney and then returning home only to fall ill for a couple of days, I’m so happy to be back to the blog and with my On The Wall series. My special guest today is Tina who authors a design and lifestyle blog, Colourliving. What I really enjoy about Colourliving is how Tina packages London and beyond to us readers. She’s out and about a lot, most of the time zapping around London on her Vespa with camera on hand. So whether it’s the Paul Smith exhibition (she even got to meet him recently), a holiday to the Côte d’Azur, or an underground vintage store, Tina shares her finds. Her posts are always enjoyable and interesting to read and the moments captured beautifully. Behind the blog, Tina runs a successful business curating London homes and apartments for people to buy and rent with the idea that “quality of life starts with the home.” I couldn’t agree more with that and I’m so pleased to have Tina here today sharing what’s on her wall.

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Food & Travel, Getaway

As I write this, I’m about to hop on a plane to Sydney. Alone! Yes, just me, with a handbag full of my things. No toys, wipes or snacks. In the six and half years I’ve been a mother, I’ve never gone away alone – sure, I have for weekends away with my husband but not just me and certainly not over the ocean. It feels so good and kind of strange at the same time, I pretty sure I’m going to miss my babies like crazy…

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5 Decorating Questions with Alice Lines

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

I always enjoy putting together my 5 Decorating Questions feature. It’s interesting to see in a snapshot what it is that influences a person’s personal decorating style, especially when most of my interviewees are quite often fully immersed in the decorating world. Alice Lines certainly is, and as the Editor of the New Zealand interiors magazine, Homestyle, she would spend many waking hours observing the beautiful homes that grace the bi-monthly magazine, along with keeping her finger on the pulse of the trends to report on. With that being said, it’s such a treat to have her as a guest today answering my questions and getting a glimpse into how she incorporates all of this into her personal decorating style.

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Colour My Room Blue


blues and neutrals

I tend to not have a particular colour palate in my home, if I like something I find a place for it where I think it would work; there are no real rules. A friend of mine however has always stuck to neutrals but it’s been pretty much out of fear of getting it wrong.  She’d like to bring some more colour into her home without anything over the top so I suggested introducing one more dominant colour into the home and inturn others will naturally follow. Blue was my first recommendation because I think it works well with neutrals and it also happens to be a colour she loves.

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Paola Navone & Marcel Wanders for Bisazza

Interior & Design, Let's Shop


Tiles and mosaics are no longer destined for the walls of kitchens and bathrooms, not now that celebrated designers Paola Navone and Marcel Wanders have collaborated with Bizazza for their 2014 collection.

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An Unexpected Chocolate Almond & Orange Cake

Food & Travel, Make, Eat, Drink

Last week I was in charge of the dessert for the meal before my parents returned home to Sydney. To fulfil my recent attempt at wheat free living, I decided to make a flourless chocolate and hazelnut cake that I’ve made a couple of times out of an old Gourmet Traveller cookbook dedicated entirely to chocolate. I’ve always loved it; the hazelnut meal with the good quality chocolate makes it so decadent.

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Wohnideen Review | Homes of European Bloggers

Interior & Design, Voyeurist

I recently received a lovely package from one of my blogging friend, Jeanette of ByFryd consisting of her stylish HYSJ tote and in the blogging world, the much anticipated home decoration book, Wohnideen, Aus Dem Wahren Leben. Doing an internet translation from German, the title reads something like this; “Ideas for a real life experience. Inspirations of the best design blogger”.  The book, if you’re not familiar, is dedicated to decoration inspiration of stylish European bloggers, including Jeanette, with 220 pages of images taken in their homes, each of them with their own unique twist to home decoration and the book is divided into themes; living, dining, organisation etc – in total, an absolutely brilliant idea for a book ! To be truthful, not understanding the written word is not a deal breaker for me, browsing through the pages of Pinterest worthy images loaded with decoration ideas is worth it and one that will sit proudly with my collection. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I thought that you would too, so lets take a little peek into the book…

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