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Hello twenty fourteen indeed! I hope that you all had a great festive season. New Years Eve was celebrated during our week away in the Tapapakanga Regional Park. Guillaume and I put the children to bed, popped open a bottle of champagne and sat outside under the perfect clear night sky looking at the bright stars with the moon just the tiniest of a slither. I saw two shooting stars that night, the first that I’ve seen since I was living in Greece so many years ago. Kind of a perfect sign for the new year don’t you think?

Since my last post I, along with three other bloggers contributed to the December issue of the What Do Bloggers Collect column by Eclectic Trends. The monthly column is always fun and a tiny bit voyeuristic to see what it is that the people behind the blog actually collect. Some collections are the obvious, others a complete surprise but always so enjoyable to see what it is and how they style and photograph it. I’ve also discovered so many great blog reads through the series. As you can see, I have a bit of lamp collection that you can  read all about and while you’re there, check out the previous months issues . I have to agree with Will from Bright Bazaar  who said, “What Do Bloggers Collect? would make a great book”!

So what can you expect from me for 2014? More of my regular features; 5 Decorating Questions, 5 Food Questions, My Space and On The Wall. There are also a few interesting interviews lined up, more recipes to share and I intend to get out there and shoot some more creative workspaces, stores and the odd peak into people’s homes. I will also share a little of my home life. Best of all, what’s coming up is Guillaume’s mother, “Mamie Annie” as the kids call her, will be arriving next week for a couple of months so I will certainly be behind her, camera in hand to capture some of her delicious French cooking! You may remember her from here.

So lovely readers, this is me and my spontaneous blog about home decoration and ideas to live with. There’s a bit of structure and a whole lot of every day life thrown in. Is that what you like? Is there any subject that you prefer more than others? Or perhaps something you just wish I didn’t write about? I’d love to hear from you and what you’d like to see here so please let me know in the comments or via email.

I’ll be back on Friday with some holiday snapshots. Until then, the happiest of new year to you all!

Mel x

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  1. tina @ colourliving

    Mel, welcome back and a very happy New Year to you guys.

    Your lamp collection is truly beautiful with some of my favourites in there… I’ve just commented over on Gudy’s blog as I missed that post at the end tail of 2013.

    You carry on as you are… it’s all interesting to read.
    ‘Mamie Annie’ sounds delightful. 2 months, wow… bet it will give you help with the kids and free you up a little. Your holiday snaps looked idyllic and as for NYE – sounds like you were in paradise x

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    mel replied:

    Thanks Tina. Yes looking forward to going to the cinema loads while she’s here. M x

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  2. gudy Herder

    Hi Mel, good to see you back. I do like your blog as it is, Sorry, I am afraid I am of no help here… Sounds like you are having some inspiring time soon, still remember the post you are referring to. And it has been wonderful to have you in the series! Thank you again for taking part. Big hug!

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    Thanks for having me Gudy! M xx

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