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Pinterest Talk | Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser

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Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser

A lot of you might already know The Design Chaser blog, impeccably curated by a dear blogging friend of mine, Michelle Halford. Michelle has a love affair with that oh ever so cool Scandi style and has a superb eye for researching the best of design inspiration on the net and sharing it with her viewers, with loads of decorating pointers thrown in. Michelle has also just recently moved into a newly built home with her husband and two young boys and her readers have enjoyed watching her decorate the home, room by room with that minimalist Scandi style. But did you know that behind the blog is an avid pinner with quite a large following? Over 63,000 in fact! It’s without doubt that Michelle knows what people like, and I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of receiving a few Pinterest pointers from the girl herself. She has  kindly answered my questions about pinning and thrown in some great tips for us.

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Insta Moments #3

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Christmas pop

A couple of months have gone past in Instagram land since sharing some of my Insta Moments.

Christmas in Auckland this year was overcast and rainy, but that didn’t stop us having fun. My son’s favourite part of Christmas minus the presents is popping the crackers. In the last hours I realised that I forgot to get some. Shock! I drove around everywhere on Christmas Eve to no avail and in a state of panic managed to find literally the very last pack in Countdown that was sitting in a trolley to be returned to the shelf. Phew! I love this picture that my husband took of me as the cracker popped, I tell you there was a lot of relief in that laugh…

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Designer Bites | Greta Grossman

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Mid century design; an exciting era of pared back luxury that explored design form and materials in revolutionary new ways. It was also the era where women thought or perhaps just accepted that their place in this world was to be a homemaker. Greta Magnusson-Grossman however broke through these gender barriers and lead an extremely successful career in industrial, furniture and architectural design in this, at the time, male dominated industry.

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2013 Revisited | Best of


I had a little look back at the stats of first half of last year to see what it was that you liked best and thought it would be fun to revisit three  popular posts:

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Interview with Ellie Malin

Interior & Design, Makers

 Ellie Malin in Studio. Photo: Kate Ballis courtesy of Modern Times 

I first discovered Melbourne print media artist, Ellie Malin’s work through “that” collaboration  she did with Gorman early last year. I was awe struck by her ever so cool, bold edgy style and interesting use of woodblock as a medium. Her latest body of work, Moonflower is even more impressive. It has a beautiful harmony of colours, it’s graphic, playing with form that ignites our imaginations, all the while stamped with Ellie’s distinctive style. I’ve been meaning to get in contact with her for some time, so when I received her newsletter with word of her very first solo exhibition at Modern Times in Melbourne at the end of last year, while I couldn’t hop on a plane myself to view it first hand, I took the opportunity to ask her a few questions. I hope that you enjoy her answers, along with a selection of her latest work as much I do.

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Sicilian Green Olive Tapenade with Almonds

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Sicilian Olive Tapenade with Almonds

I had a load of Sicilian olives left over from a huge amount I bought around Christmas so I thought it to be the perfect opportunity to make some tapenade. Seeing how delicious it is homemade and how simple it is to do, I won’t wait until I have a stockpile of olives next time. There are so many uses for tapenade; bruschetta, on baked fish, smeared over steak to barbeque, mixed with chopped tomatoes, fresh basil and parmesan over spaghetti… but I always enjoy it best simply with some crusty bread.

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A Getaway to Tapapakanga Regional Park

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I really enjoy these simple getaways that we’ve been doing since we arrived in New Zealand. We hire a basic bach (holiday house or weekender for the non Kiwis), with no TV or mod cons in sight. It’s always situated in a picturesque location and at times with a great view. We pass the days together ever so simply.

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Hello Twenty Fourteen & Eclectic Trends contribution

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Hello twenty fourteen indeed! I hope that you all had a great festive season. New Years Eve was celebrated during our week away in the Tapapakanga Regional Park. Guillaume and I put the children to bed, popped open a bottle of champagne and sat outside under the perfect clear night sky looking at the bright stars with the moon just the tiniest of a slither. I saw two shooting stars that night, the first that I’ve seen since I was living in Greece so many years ago. Kind of a perfect sign for the new year don’t you think?

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