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My Home Featured in Your Home & Garden Magazine

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Mel Chesneau

Your Home & Garden Magazine | Photo by Larnie Nicolson & production LeeAnn Yare

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram then this is probably of no surprise to you that my home has been featured in the January 2014 issue of Your Home & Garden magazine here in New Zealand. I’m feeling rather excited by it all and I figured that you’d like to join my joy and see a selection of the photos from the spread. Am I right?

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New Zealand Christmas Gift Guide #1

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You may recall that I was planning a New Zealand month in December where each and every post in that month would be dedicated to the wonderful talent we have here in New Zealand. Well, unfortunately I’ve been a bit under the weather for a few weeks and have had to do the bare minimum so I simply wouldn’t have been able go out and put the energy into this project as I would like to. New Zealand Month is on hold until early next year however I thought I’d put together a little Christmas gift guide of things I love that are made by clever Kiwis.

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Insta Moments #2

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Moët Ice Imperial launch

Hi friends, it’s been ages since I last did an Instagram round up for you, so here’s a little snippet from my feed.

Back at the end of September, Guillaume and I went to the Moët Ice Impérial launch. We were swept off to a secret location to experience the new summer drink. We arrived at the most jaw dropping ocean cliff top “weekender” in Mahurangi, North of Auckland. Oh how the other half, or should I say 1% live….  the views… I’m still swooning!

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Rapadura Butter Cake with Strawberries & Vanilla Bean Cream

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rapadurra butter cake with strawberries and vanilla cream

My middle child turned four last week and I asked him what cake he wanted for his birthday dinner. He was adamant that he wanted a cake with strawberries and cream. I don’t know where he got that from because I don’t recall making one like that in the years that he’d remember. Anyway, strawberries and cream it was.

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Home Time with Gorman

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Gorman Home Time 1

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Hi everyone, it’s so good to be back after a few days off.  While I was having a little break I get the email about Gorman’s new Home Time homeware range. Once I took a look at it, I wanted to write a post about it immediately as I’ve been waiting for this since writing about the Gorman homeware collaboration with Ellie Malin here.

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Life’s Soundtrack

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Life's Soundtrack

There’s often that same soundtrack playing in our home for a certain length of time and just like a perfume, forever the memories of these moments will be tied to the music.

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Macrame Hanger Kit

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The wannabe DIY’er in me has been eyeing off this Mima + Moo Macramé Kit for over a year until I finally bought it last month in my quest to bring more plants into our home. It was so simple to make with everything needed except the pot and plant and included clear instructions; perfect for someone like me that usually fails miserably with these kinds of things.

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The Humble Basket

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Ah beautiful, beautiful baskets, all of the different shapes, colours, textures and ethnicity are a perfect way to add interesting touches to a home. The uses are endless, from the practical to purely decorative. Here’s a selection of some that have caught my eye of late:

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