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I discovered the food blog, Farmhouse Home not long after starting this blog last year. Catherine, the author, shares with her readers the most mouth-watering dishes and most of them are surprisingly no fuss and simple to make. This woman is a real foodie, she lives and breaths it. Recently, and to the encouragement of her daughter, Catherine has been exploring and experimenting at times with healthier alternatives to dishes, without leaving out the flavour – think cauliflower pizza base for one! What ever she prepares, it’s warm, from the heart and styled and photographed beautifully. Farmhouse Home is such a lovely food blog with a real personal touch and I’m so pleased to have Catherine sharing a little piece of her home with us today. 


If you ask anyone who knows me where my favourite space is in our house they’d definitely say the kitchen. I’ve had a passion for cooking since I was a child and my mother fostered this by letting me cook, make mistakes and a big mess in our kitchen constantly. I believe you learn to become a good cook by making mistakes in the kitchen and learning how to fix it for next time.

One of the appliances I absolutely treasure in my kitchen is my Kitchen Aid. I’d wanted one for a long time and my husband surprised me with it for Valentines Day about 3 or 4 years ago.

Another piece I treasure that we’ve had for over twenty years in our home is our kitchen table. It’s on this table I style my food and photograph it for my blog. We bought the table in Oxford Street Sydney when we lived there and it’s been with us in every home since. The “It’s Beautiful Here” wire piece that’s sitting on top of the table was made by an artist who has a stand in the city in Melbourne. He mainly fashions running letters from wire to make necklaces that spell a person’s name. I asked him if he’d make a big one for me spelling “It’s Beautiful Here” to hang on one of our walls. I never wrote down what I wanted and when I collected it the next day he’d made “It’s Beautiful In Here”. Never mind I still think it’s wonderful and am in awe of his talent.

I’ve been an avid cookbook collector for years so had to include a photo of some of my collection on our bookshelves. The same with our new dog Charlie, he is, like me food obsessed and has become extremely attached to this plastic hamburger my daughter bought him today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little about some of the spaces in my home. Thank you so much Mel for asking me to be a part of this wonderful series on Armoire, Pegs and Casserole. Catherine x

Readers, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you pay a visit to Farmhouse Home to say hello and explore Catherine’s wonderful database of recipes for any occasion along with a few personal stories, like how she found the adorable Charlie the dog. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Happy cooking and see you here on Friday!

Mel x

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  1. anastasia

    Great blog post Mel and it was great to peek into Catherine’s home and kitchen – look at all the cookbooks – Love! haha the story about the wire sign made me smile…looks good!

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    I know, I loved looking at the ones with the tattered edges, it tells a lot! Mel x

    Reply »

  2. tina @ colourliving

    OMG, Charlie and the plastic hamburger. I’m sorry ladies, he’s just stolen the show and now will create a NEW Pinterest Board for my favourite doggie friends…:-)) hahahahaha!

    I’m not sure when I cam across Catherine. I think it was early on when I started blogging Jan 12)…but have loved and supported Cathering from Day1.

    In the beginning, and this will come as no surprise to her, I despaired at the amount of sugar, cream, butter et cetera but thanks to Hayley we now have yummy healthy dishes and thanks to Catherine I’ve even started baking (healthy ONLY).

    Thank you for sharing snippets of your home and that wonderful library of cookbooks.
    I know you’ll go from strenght to strength…… xx

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    I know, Charlie is loved all around the world, he’s a star! Mel x

    Reply »

  3. KATE

    I am such a fan of Catherine’s blog too – she is a true home cook and such a supportive blogger, I have always been so grateful for her comments that she leaves on my blog :)
    The photo of Charlie is hilarious….
    I have envied and admired from afar, Catherine’s kitchen table. It is one of those purchases that will forever be beautiful and last the test of time. It is always pictured beautifully in her blog. Love your space Catherine and really loving this feature spot on your blog Mel – wonderful idea x

    Reply »

    mel replied:

    Isn’t she wonderful? She just had a blog revamp too which looks fantastic, very happy for her! M x

    Reply »

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