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A Long Weekend

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We just had a one perfect long weekend full of glorious sunshine in Auckland. I didn’t go away, I just hung out and spent some quality time with the kids. Each morning we moved slowly, staying in our pajamas and enjoying late breakfasts on the deck, one of the mornings it was pancakes, always a favourite. We usually have it simply with maple syrup but with none in the house we topped them with boysenberry jam and banana fritters. I could spend hours on that deck with those little people (and sunshine)!

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Thoughts on a Style Safari

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Last Friday I was lucky enough to attend Home Magazine’s Style Safari, led by the warm and very charming editor of Home Magazine, Jeremy Hansen. If you didn’t catch my interview with Jeremy about the day, you can read it here.

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Ceramic Wall Planters by Light + Ladder

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I’ve always been a fan of plants inside the home, so I’m really enjoying seeing how this current and continuing indoor plant trend is nurturing the creation of some seriously interesting planter and display designs.

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Monday News, starting in the bedroom…

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Hi friends! I have lots of news that I want to share with you so I’m dedicating an entire post to it today. I thought for the post image I’d take photo of a larger view of our bedroom so that you can see what I’ve done with the mirrors on the wall. What do you think? Just for the fun, I took a close up of my muddy Supergas, a reminder that we’ve just come out of winter and many a wet playground visits!

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5 Decorating Questions with Kara Rosenlund

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Photo by Jason Star, Studio Sixty

If there’s one girl out there to be named the darling of interiors right now, it would have to be Kara Rosenlund. Kara, who has been recently named by Elle Decoration UK as the “modern day Martha”, first came to the spotlight with Travelling Wares, a travelling vintage shop in a 1950’s adorably restored caravan named “Frankie”.  Then there’s her blog; moments of her life captured with her husband Timothy O and their two bantam chickens, in their renovated 1880’s workers cottage. If you’re on Pinterest, you’d probably know it well. With a background in photography and more recently a stylist with a home full of the most interesting revolving collection of wares, this blog will have you dreaming.

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Guest Post over at the Madame Love blog

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PJ walk on the beach

Last week I did a guest post for Elodie, of the Madame Love blog. Elodie, who is a French girl living in Hamburg, writes about decoration and the wonderful world of flowers. She has just recently had her first child and is enjoying getting to know her newborn baby so while she does just that, some of us bloggers have stepped in to do a LOVEly guest post and write something on the childhood theme for her. I have to admit, it was fun to write something a little off topic. If you haven’t done so already, I’d love for you to pop over and have a read as I’m sure that this is something a lot of you may be struggling with at the moment. I’m still working on my plan mind you, it’s not as easy as I thought, but I do intend to master it;-)

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Q&A with Jeremy Hansen and a Style Safari Giveaway

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Photo by Sarah Grace

Have you heard about Style Safari? It’s a great initiative by HOME Magazine to showcase some of the best of New Zealand and international design available in the country today. Everyone, from the decorating novice to those working in the industry would benefit from this event. The only prerequisite is that you have an appreciation of home decoration and design – but I guess you wouldn’t be reading a blog about it if you didn’t!

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5 Food Questions with Russell van Kraayenburg


Usually when I find a food blog, it’s through a recipe shared or an image pinned. Not this one. I found Chasing Delicious through the “about me” page. It’s in the form of a video of the author of the blog, Russell Van Kraayenburg, and it’s brilliant! It’s a must see and I have been hooked on the blog’s content since. It’s written with the right amount of humour, dishes up the most delicious, beautifully photographed, styled and pin worthy recipes and the site is organised to perfection, with each recipe even having the print option. It’s one fine production and I’m so honoured to have the man behind Chasing Delicious, who is currently working on a cookbook to be released early next year, answering my 5 Food Questions today.

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